Building a Fantastic Tesla Cybertruck Copy from Wood

Functional Suspension, Steering, EV Powertrain.

A renowned woodworking team from Vietnam constructed a Tesla Cybertruck knock-off out of timber. It took the craftsman 100 days to conclude the notoriously precise endeavor, and its result is astonishing.

The specified undertaking, that was presented in entirety on the ND-Woodworking Art YouTube channel, commenced with an aluminum and steel framework. This served as the foundation for a rolling frame comprising of a suspension arrangement, steering mechanism, and disc breaks. In addition, the craftsman even installed an operative electric powertrain with a minuscule motor and a set of batteries.

100 Days Building Tesla Cybertruck For Mr. Elon Musk

Once the metal components were finished, it was all about wood from there. The whole skeleton of the clone was enveloped with lumber panels, which were accurately sliced and measured to copy the jagged and severe edges of the genuine Cybertruck. Surprisingly, it appears to have fewer seams between panels, so choosing timber could possibly be the route to take if you want craftsmanship comparable to Lego and soda cans.

In conclusion, the woodworkers completed the vehicle with a complement of wooden wheel covers. Furthermore, the wooden exterior was given a fresh appearance from its generous coating of varnish. Additionally, there are working doors, side mirrors, seats, wipers, and the remarkable Tesla yoke steering wheel – all entirely out of wood. And lastly, an acrylic roof increases the authenticity of the Cybertruck model, replicating its sunroof feature from the real version.

The final scenes of the video included a wooden version of Cybertruck embarking on a journey. In this part, it was carrying a wood-fashioned ATV ridden by the carpenter YouTuber’s youngster. Adding to that, they even took it into town where it stayed up to speed with another picturesque vehicle.

One of the most remarkable projects on the ND-Woodworking Art channel is the Cybertruck, although it’s not quite to scale with the real one. Rather, this version meticulously created by the channel’s creator is about the size of a Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback! Additionally, his artistry behind the wooden launchpad included in the project is simply astonishing. Other amazing renditions done by the gentleman designer include a gorgeous model of the Ford F-150 Raptor as well as a remarkable miniature Ferrari GTO 250.

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