C8 Corvette Upgraded: Aftermarket Taillights Installed

Carbon’s Idea Now Realized After a Year.

When Chevrolet introduced the Corvette C8, it was met with comparison to a Ferrari, with some dubbing it “America’s Ferrari” or “budget Ferrari.” That same nickname has been reinforced with the new Z06, which is equipped with a flat-plane crankshaft V8 engine for the first time.

If you own a C8 ‘Vette and are pondering to make it seem as if it hailed from Maranello, Competition Carbon could possess something to bestow the finale of your desire; round tail lamps. Released by the company, behold below renderings to grasp an atmosphere of what the tail lamps will look similar on the C8. Many have even gone as far as exchanging out the badges for this end.

Round Corvette C8 taillights cost $750, and Competition Carbon seeks a 50 percent advance payment to proceed with the deal. It doesn’t seem like the casing is made from carbon fiber judging from the images displayed below; however, buyers can choose between exposed carbon or carbon flash painting options.

Competition Carbon’s concept of circular ‘Vette taillights dates back as far as December 2021. The announcement was made at that point in time, with the Californian firm specifying that it would be available within a five to six month period. Sadly, delays did take place, however it is better to receive something late than never.

The circular taillights in the new ‘Vette are not solely an effort to make it resemble a Ferrari. They also offer a tribute to prior models, especially staring with the Corvettes from C6 or earlier. Notably, the Corvette featured round lights at the back from C1 through to C6, before Chevy settled on a different style with C7 and beyond.

Presently, it seems that the selection of circular taillights available is limited to merely the C8 Stingray. Competition Carbon has not declared if there are varieties for the fresh Corvette C8 Z06, yet the hashtags used in online postings point to yes. If this interests you, it would be wisest to reach out to them straightaway through the link included beneath.

Source: Competition Carbon

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