Canoo Unveils Electric Pickup Truck Concept

Did Someone Let the Dog Out?

Canoo has just revealed its latest creation – the “American Bulldog” electric pickup. Drawing on the same Light Tactical Vehicle that the company supplied to the United States Army in 2020, this vehicle has been designed with off-road capability in mind, perfect for those who require a reliable, rugged electric pickup for their active lifestyles.

The vehicle looks remarkably close to being ready for the market. Perhaps the corporation is inspecting public curiosity as they increase production in Oklahoma for the first occasion, and given its characteristics and aesthetical appeal, it is indubitable that Canoo has piqued our focus.

“The American Bulldog is renowned for its loyalty and courage, qualities that are also reflected in this vehicle,” said Tony Aquila, Executive Chairman and CEO of Canoo. “It’s a testament to the innovation and spirit of this country, and when we say ‘Made in America,’ we mean it.”

The American Bulldog

The appearance of this vehicle is really impressive; the sand colour of the body combines wonderfully with the black trim pieces. Additionally, for its off-road projected use, there are bright red accents decorating the tow hooks and other easily accessible places. Although we lack information on most things, it seems that the company did a remarkable job in the design of this car.

This vehicle appears to have a minor lift and the big fender flares help camouflage the matte black steel rims with all-terrain tires. The most exceptional quality is the metal collapsible grates on the truck bed which allow for easy access. It seems as though this concept is missing the standard tailgate that was initially depicted on Canoo’s pickup, but if the concept goes into manufacturing it may be significantly different.

The interior looks efficient, catering to a multitude of storage areas and beige backpacks affixed to air vents around the doorway. Clearly, this isn’t an EV that will indulge passengers with comforts like the R1T or Cybertruck; that being said, we have to give Canoo credit seeing as many consumers want vehicles that can effortlessly transport them from location to location.

We hypothesize that the truck has two engines delivering up to 600hp and 550 lb-ft of torque. The estimated range should be greater than 200 miles, and it can materialise up to a payload of 1,800 pounds.

We await with anticipation the decision of the company to commence production, and judging by its remarkable appearance, there is optimism that it will once all commitments to deliver vehicles have been met.

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