Confirmed: Kia Pickup Truck Set to Hit the Roads!

Tesla Unveils Plans for 2025 Platform Upgrade and Model Release

The Kia pickup has been spotted in an underground garage, while Tesla discusses a new generation platform.

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Recently, a heavily camouflaged Kia pickup truck was spotted on the road and caught the attention of many car enthusiasts. The vehicle was seen undergoing testing and this has sparked rumors about Kia’s entry into the competitive pickup market.The recently spied Kia pickup is believed to be based on the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept, which was first unveiled in 2015 at the North American International Auto Show. This concept was well-received by consumers and critics alike, with its unique design and versatility as both a compact crossover SUV and a pickup truck.It seems that Kia is now ready to turn this concept into a reality, as evident from the recent sightings of the disguised pickup on the road. The camouflaged vehicle features a similar profile to the Santa Cruz, with its rounded edges and elevated ride height, hinting at its potential for off-road capabilities.However, there are some visual differences between the two models, including a larger grille and different headlight design on the Kia pickup. These changes suggest that Kia is looking to differentiate its offering from the Santa Cruz, while still utilizing the same platform.Under the hood, it is expected that the Kia pickup will feature the same powertrain options as the Santa Cruz, which includes a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and possibly a hybrid

Following the addition of numerous SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks to its lineup, Kia is currently gearing up to make its mark in the highly profitable full-size pickup market. In contrast to their previous Bongo over-cab pickup, this upcoming model is set to have a worldwide presence. A recent video has captured a well-disguised test vehicle, offering viewers a sneak peek before its official announcement.

Discovered in a subterranean parking facility in South Korea, Kia’s hearty vehicle was equipped with a dual cabin design concealed beneath its extensive camouflage. From the cutouts on the covering, it seemed to showcase a Telluride-inspired front end featuring tall headlights accentuating a broad grille. However, it is unlikely that the two will have a common platform as the pickup truck is anticipated to utilize a ladder frame structure, while the larger SUV utilizes a unibody design.

The pickup truck, thought to be named the Kia Tasman, was seen with a set of 17-inch wheels and Kumho Crugen 265/65 R17 tires. Based on the spy video, it appears to have a larger size similar to the Ford Ranger instead of the compact Maverick. However, due to the limited footage, it is difficult to accurately determine its dimensions. A glimpse of the interior reveals that it is a prototype, evidenced by the budget-looking plastic door panels.

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Next to the gear shift, there is a curious feature at play. We observe controls for 2H, 4H, and 4L settings. This indicates that this model offers the option of choosing between two-wheel drive or shifting into a lower gear four-wheel drive when faced with challenging terrain.

The popular Australian publication, Car Sales, has released information stating that the Kia Tasman will be equipped with a four-cylinder 2.2-liter diesel engine, available in both automatic and manual transmission options. Along with the four-door model, the Kia Tasman is rumored to also be available as a single cab and chassis cab for commercial use. In addition, there are plans for an all-electric version to be released in the future.

The upcoming Tasman, also known as “TK”, is set to be manufactured in Korea and may potentially be officially announced in March. According to sources, the design will be unveiled in the fourth quarter of 2024, preceding its market release next year. There are speculations that a larger electric Kia truck produced in North America will be introduced before the decade comes to a close.

Tesla is currently developing a next-generation platform, aiming to enhance the performance and technology of its vehicles. The company has been well-known for producing innovative electric cars, and this new platform will only continue to solidify its reputation as a leader in the automotive industry.The main focus of this project is to improve the driving experience, specifically by increasing the range and accelerating capabilities of their vehicles. In addition, Tesla plans to incorporate advanced features such as autonomous driving and self-parking into this platform.Moreover, the new platform will also have a significant impact on the design of future Tesla models. The company aims to create more compact and versatile designs that will make their cars more efficient and practical for all types of drivers.One of the main benefits of this next-generation platform is that it will enable Tesla to scale up production and reduce costs. As a result, it will become more affordable for consumers to purchase their electric vehicles, further promoting the shift towards environmentally friendly transportation.Furthermore, the improved platform will also enhance safety features with the integration of new technology and sensors. This will not only provide peace of mind for drivers, but also contribute to the overall goal of reducing accidents and fatalities on the road.In summary, Tesla’s work on their next-generation platform demonstrates their continuous efforts to

Tesla’s latest financial report contains some interesting information taken from a lengthy press release filled with numbers. According to the company, they are currently developing an advanced platform that they believe will completely transform the manufacturing process of vehicles. Their aim is to introduce this innovative architecture to the market as soon as possible and use it to produce electric vehicles at their Gigafactory located in Texas.

According to Tesla, they have made advancements with their latest platform, although they did not provide any specific information. However, according to Reuters, suppliers have been notified about a compact crossover with the codename “Redwood.” This model is expected to begin production in June 2025. This timeline coincides with Elon Musk’s announcement during a post-earnings call that a next-generation electric vehicle would be manufactured in Texas during the second half of 2025.

The introductory Tesla model is currently in the works with a projected initial cost of $25,000. This would grant the company a stronger position in the competition against traditional gasoline vehicles, while also keeping up with the growing market for low-cost Chinese electric cars. As of now, the most accessible Tesla offering in the US is the Model 3, starting at $38,990 (pre-incentives).

Following the commencement of manufacturing in Texas in the middle of 2025, Tesla may also incorporate the affordable crossover into their upcoming Gigafactory Mexico located near Monterrey. According to Reuters, an announcement regarding the selection of a third facility for assembling the electric vehicle outside of North America is expected to be made later this year.

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