Car Crushing: Buick, F-150 & Tempo.

Soothing Dread: The Satisfaction of Bubble Wrap
Car Crusher Crushing Cars 114 1959 buick invicta

At first, the notion of viewing aged cars destroyed may not appear to be amusing. But it’s strangely fulfilling and, might we suggest, calming just like bursting bubble wrap. Moreover, that is exactly what occurs in this footage which showcases a Buick Invicta, Ford Tempo, as well as an F-150 all meeting destiny with a crusher.

However, a part of us still can’t help but scream, “Noooooo!” There’s a sense of fear before the sound of metal being twisted and crushed begins. It’s like watching a scary movie, knowing that the characters are about to experience a gruesome fate, or like having to put down a beloved pet.

Firstly, the Ford F-150. An 80s reliable truck with a long loading bed, this particular vehicle is spent. At the back, the bumper is twisted, almost as though it had glided into a trunk, and the platform probably has been hurt also. The roof is equally battered, plus the front guard too. In spite of old Fords nowadays being seen as treasured items, this one could not be salvaged, thus off it goes where it’s quickly destroyed by the crusher.

Next, we have an early 1990s Dodge Caravan or Plymouth Voyager. The only alluring aspect of this van is its exquisite graphics, which would be desirable to anyone at Radwood. Unfortunately, the rust has taken over the bodywork and consequently further deteriorated its condition. Another key indicator of its state is the space-saving spare tire mounted on the front axle that suggests it is merely one paycheck away from total ruination.

The most captivating automobile is the 1959 Buick Invicta four-door hardtop. During 1963, the hardtop’s futuristic design was comparable to the Jetsons but is not as sought after as the coupe, convertible, or even the Estate station wagon. Much like the minivan and F-150, its restoration is often too sprawling unless it’s something hugely valuable such as a Chevy Chevelle SS454 or Shelby GT500.

The ultimate casualty is the Ford Tempo of the 1990s. The Tempo is now a barely recognisable image on the roads of the USA, yet was once a prominent sight and often chosen to be the first car for young drivers. Whilst it offered economical performance, it also came with the additional capability of a sunroof as well as a manual gearbox. Unfortunately, it seems that even the valiant Invicta along with the Tempo sedan has no safe amity.

The ultimate result is a massive piece of metal that is shorter than any of the demolished cars. Although we haven’t been able to discern the objective of these demolished automobiles, it would be iconic if they were reprocessed into new machines – which was precisely what they were up until their demise.

Source: 1964corvan via YouTube

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