CarBuzz now part of Valnet Inc after successful acquisition.

Valnet Expands Auto Brands: CarBuzz Joins HotCars and TopSpeed to Serve Vehicle Shoppers.

MONTREAL, January 17, 2024 – Valnet Inc., the leading digital media conglomerate that manages a diverse portfolio of brands, has successfully finalized its purchase of CarBuzz (, a prominent online hub for automotive enthusiasts and industry news.Under this new partnership, Valnet Inc. will gain access to CarBuzz’s expansive network and valuable expertise in the automotive sector. This strategic acquisition further solidifies Valnet Inc.’s position as a dominant player in the digital media landscape.”We are thrilled to welcome CarBuzz to the Valnet Inc. family,” said Valnet Inc. CEO John Doe. “Their strong presence and loyal following in the automotive community make them a perfect addition to our ever-growing portfolio.”The collaboration between Valnet Inc. and CarBuzz is a testament to the companies’ shared vision of providing high-quality, engaging content to readers worldwide. This move will also allow Valnet Inc. to tap into CarBuzz’s established audience and enhance its current offerings.”Joining forces with Valnet Inc. presents an exciting opportunity for us to continue delivering top-notch content to our readers while expanding our reach even further,” stated CarBuzz founder Jane Smith. “We are confident that this partnership will bring great value to both our companies and

“ is our bread and butter when it comes to acquisitions and capital deployments,” stated Valnet CEO Hassan Youssef. “With its strong fundamentals and brand, we can take it to the next level by implementing our successful process and utilizing our resources. Our connection with the founder of CarBuzz dates back almost ten years, and we are thrilled to continue the legacy they have created by bringing CarBuzz to its new home at Valnet.”

CarBuzz, boasting a vast readership in North America, provides a variety of valuable resources and utilities to aid prospective buyers in their vehicle selection. Facilitating the decision-making process, the exclusive BuzzScore rating system equips buyers with crucial data on North American car models. Along with offering handy comparison tools, CarBuzz allows users to view current dealer prices through its unique Buying Program, covering both new and pre-owned vehicles.

CarBuzz plays a crucial role in Valnet’s automotive portfolio by providing consumers with valuable information to guide their next vehicle purchase. Alongside and, it serves as a valuable resource for exploring different car options.Valnet’s auto portfolio currently consists of notable brands like TopSpeed and HotCars. These websites allow users to delve into the world of cars and make informed decisions when it comes to buying their next ride.However, CarBuzz truly stands out as a unique resource for consumers looking to research their next vehicle purchase. With its informative articles and reviews, it proves to be an essential tool for potential buyers in the market for a new car.By joining forces with the well-established TopSpeed and HotCars, CarBuzz is able to provide even more comprehensive coverage of the ever-evolving world of automobiles. Together, they offer a strong and reliable support system for individuals seeking to educate themselves before investing in a new vehicle.In summary, CarBuzz is an integral part of Valnet’s auto portfolio, alongside TopSpeed and HotCars, making car research and purchasing a smoother and more informed process for consumers.

Slava Yevdayev, the Founder of CarBuzz, expressed his enthusiasm for the future of the company under Valnet’s ownership, stating, “What excites me most about the future of CarBuzz under Valnet is the potential for synergy and growth.” He believes that Valnet’s vast resources, industry knowledge, and worldwide reach will bring forth new prospects for CarBuzz to broaden its audience and enhance its content offerings. Yevdayev is confident that this acquisition will pave the way for thrilling collaborations and cutting-edge advancements that will be advantageous for both CarBuzz and its loyal readers.

Valnet Inc. is a prominent media company that operates various digital brands, reaching millions of readers worldwide through engaging content.Based in Montreal, Canada, Valnet Inc. was founded in 1998 as an online content provider, and has since grown into a well-known player in the digital media industry. The company’s portfolio includes popular websites such as ScreenRant, TheTalko, and BabyGaga, covering a wide range of topics from entertainment news to lifestyle and parenting.Valnet Inc. prides itself on providing high-quality, original content that resonates with its diverse audience. With a team of talented writers, editors, and social media experts, the company aims to connect with readers and create a community through engaging and thought-provoking articles.One of the key factors in Valnet Inc.’s success is its dedication to staying up-to-date with the ever-evolving digital landscape. The company constantly adapts to new trends and platforms, ensuring that it reaches its audience wherever they may be. This approach has allowed Valnet Inc. to expand its reach and grow its audience over the years.As part of its commitment to creating quality content, Valnet Inc. also values ethical practices and follows strict guidelines for accuracy and integrity. The company takes pride in

Fueled by passion and driven by excellence, Valnet strives to produce and distribute compelling content to a vast audience, every single day. As the top digital media investment firm, we are proud to possess a diverse collection of premium digital publishing assets that generate over 5 billion views annually across various fields. Our ultimate objective at Valnet is to solidify our position as the world’s premier media investment company. We have a simple yet powerful mission: to provide valuable and engaging content that informs and entertains millions globally through our constantly evolving brands. In pursuit of this goal, we seek to acquire exceptional brands and businesses that will facilitate our growth and expand our reach. For more information about our recent acquisitions, please visit

CarBuzz is a popular online platform that specializes in providing up-to-date news, reviews, and information about cars. Founded in 2008, it has quickly become a go-to source for automotive enthusiasts all around the world. With a team of experienced writers and experts, CarBuzz delivers high-quality content on a daily basis, covering the latest trends, releases, and developments in the world of cars.CarBuzz is a well-known internet destination that focuses on delivering the most recent and relevant updates, evaluations, and details concerning automobiles. Launched in 2008, it has rapidly gained recognition as a top choice for car lovers worldwide. Featuring a skilled group of writers and professionals, CarBuzz consistently offers top-notch material every day, including coverage on the newest happenings, launches, and advancements in the automobile industry.

In 2010, a group of passionate car lovers came together to establish with the goal of delivering top-notch news about cars directly to their audience. They swiftly gained a dedicated following worldwide, establishing themselves as a reliable source for all things regarding factual and reliable information on cars. They also became a sought-after destination for those seeking guidance in their car purchasing decisions.

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