Caterham Project V: Electric Coupe Teaser Reveals Curves

A New Design with a Sealed Body.

Electrification seems to be inescapable for everyone now, with even the Caterham carmaker – known for their vehicles tailored to those who yearn for the old ways – developing an electric vehicle of its own. A new teaser to promote the Project V was just released, and it will arrive officially on July 12th. This is a momentous announcement, not only because it does away with traditional gas-powered technology, but also because its roof provides coverage… something hardcore Caterham fans appreciated back when the C120 Coupe was presented in 2016 (though it was ultimately axed), which ended up giving rise to the Alpine A110.

Caterham has not gone into the specifics of its anticipated electric sports car, however it has mentioned that Project V presents a fresh aesthetic for the British automotive brand. This design language is a move away from regular Seven line. The model was created by Italdesign in Italy and it will be featured at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed to be organized from July 13 to 16.

Presumably a two-seater, the curvaceous coupe with striking wheel arches and an inflexible metal roof is anticipated to have lesser overhangs as a consequence of a particularized electric car platform. The introductory teaser released earlier this month indicated a curvy and neat side profile without extra folds. It created an impression as if a 1990s Caterham 21 roadster had been refashioned into a coupe in line with 2023 requirements.

As far as we’re excited to find out how the car looks, we’re just as eager to determine its weight. Caterham is renowned for engineering some of the most lightweight sports cars available, and this requirement should remain consistent in the electric vehicle (EV) age. The EV Seven Concept that was disclosed in May was only 70 kilos (154 lbs) heavier than the Seven 485, so it is expected the same will be true for Project V.

A number of other medium-sized electric sports coupes are emerging, including a zero-emissions Porsche Cayman, an Alpine A110 EV surrogate, and an EV Lotus to be seen together with the Emira, the last ICE car from Norfolk.

Source: Caterham

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