Caterham Project V Unveiled in Mysterious Teaser

Caterham Possible to Outperform Lotus?

Caterham has presented to the public a novel teaser regarding Project V, ushering in a recently born epoch for the famed brand. Remarkably, their reputation arises from the replication of a much antique, open-wheeled sports car – the Caterham Seven, which has its origins in Lotus. Wherein until now all we possessed were blurry outlines, this latest teaser is presented as an astounding video clip.

Project V, likely to be given another moniker upon manufacture, remains hidden behind a veil of secrecy in the new video. Nonetheless, the front part of the car can be seen with discernment, exhibiting level LED DRLs, pronounced fender arches, plus a particular Project V logo on the hood; signifying that the sports vehicle will be produced in Great Britain.

Caterham Project V | A New Concept Is Coming

The rousing soundtrack that usually undermines a car’s motor noise is unlikely to occur here, as the newly released Caterham Project V appears to be electric. But, it will still adapt the core principles of lightness, straightforwardness, and maximizing the driver’s hours behind the wheel, values that are inherited from when Caterham acquired the Rights of the Seven back in 1973. To commemorate the 50th anniversary since this momentous event, they have now chosen to re-establish themselves.

“Our aim is to make it as lightweight as possible,” stated Anthony Jannarelly, Caterham’s new design head. “The performance that will be achieved should be remarkable, and the joy of driving will be a result of this lightness. The key words here are simplicity, lightness, and driving pleasure,” he added.

The automobile shall be unveiled in the night of June 11th, manifesting itself at the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed, located in America.

Jannarelly has a record of producing old-1980s style sports automobiles, and the cuts we have witnessed hitherto convey that Project V shall closely replicate this pattern. It is not presently discernible whether its electrical system is going to be developed internally or obtained from an additional automobile maker, nonetheless. It is conceivable that Caterham might partner up with some of its providers that enabled them in creating the electric Seven prototype.

If Caterham can make it to the market quickly, they will be ahead of Lotus with regards to electric sports cars. The arrival of the Lotus Evija had been expected to take place in 2020 but has been continually postponed, whereas the Emira still runs on petrol.

In the interim, Lotus’ relationship with Alpine has been terminated, after deciding to jointly create an electric sports car platform. Could Caterham have picked up where Lotus left off, just like they did in 1973?

We don’t have to wait an extended period of time so as to learn the outcome. It won’t be much longer before we will know all the details.

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