Cautionary Teardown: Subaru EJ20X Boxer-Four Engine Reveals Dangers of Bargain Buys

Engine ruined, owner’s wild antics to blame.

The 2.0-liter EJ20X engine, known for its cost-effective replacement option, still poses potential risks for car owners. In order to investigate the extent of damages that can occur when this engine fails, Eric from I Do Cars procured one for disassembly and analysis.

The speaker stated that an EJ20X could come at a price range of $800 to $1,200, which is considerably lower compared to the cost of an EJ205 at approximately $2,800. This type of engine is commonly used in high-performing cars such as the Subaru WRX, and as a result, owners often push its limits, increasing the chances of a breakdown. In this case, it seems that this particular engine has been overworked and mistreated.

KNOCK KNOCK BANG! Destroyed JDM Subaru WRX EJ20X Turbo Engine Teardown

After experiencing struggles with cranking the engine, Eric suspected that the root of the problem could be related to the crankshaft assembly. He proceeded to take out the spark plugs and upon inspection, he noticed that one of them had a damaged tip. This initial setback was just the beginning as things quickly took a turn for the worse.

After disassembling the AC compressor, power steering pump, coolant reservoir, and fuel lines, the speaker discovered broken components from various sections of the engine, such as the block, revealing its internal workings. Despite its reputation as a dependable engine, the EJ20X cannot escape the possibility of malfunction, just like other engines including those made by renowned manufacturers like Toyota.

Having removed these accessories, Eric proceeded to remove the intake manifold. Upon inspection, he discovered that one of the intake ports had damaged guides, which was expected at this stage.

The dismantling process progressed as the components of the timing assembly were extracted. Luckily, no significant harm was detected, however, upon examining the camshaft assembly, noticeable abrasions were observed on the camshafts and journals. Despite this, the damage seemed to be relatively insignificant, leading to the inspection of the block’s state.

In this particular incident, the culprit seemed to be a malfunctioning piston. The connecting pin that secured it to the piston head had elevated, causing extensive harm to the connected cylinder head. Consequently, fragments of metal were strewn around the oil pan. Even the filter was contaminated with tiny metal shards. Though the water and oil pumps sustained minimal damage, the crankshaft and other pistons appeared quite disfigured.

The owner likely overworked the engine, resulting in its failure, and any engine that is pushed too far is bound to meet the same fate.It’s believed that the proprietor overexerted the motor, causing it to explode. This unfortunate outcome is inevitable for any engine that is constantly pushed beyond its capacity. The chances are high that the owner exerted excessive strain on the engine, leading to its eventual breakdown. Similarly, any engine pushed beyond its limits is destined to meet a similar demise.

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