Subaru STI to Make Tokyo Debut

Subaru to Unveil STI Models of WRX, BRZ, and Levorg.

Subaru has teased an impressive lineup of cars for its Tokyo Auto Salon exhibition (January 12-14, 2024), with the WRX, Levorg station wagon, and BRZ coupe all featuring high-performance variants. The WRX S4 STI Sport Prototype is the first car to be revealed, while the BRZ and Levorg will both get the “STI performance” badge.

Not many specifics have been revealed yet, but Subaru has indicated that the new version will feature “enhanced handling stability and a more luxurious ride,” and that it will eventually be produced in limited quantities.

It is conjectured that this will be presented distinctly just in Japan, where an everyday WRX S4 has been existing for the last two years.

Based on one teaser image, this exclusive WRX will include STI insignia plus a trunk spoiler; the other details however remain unclear – for now.

The BRZ will receive STI-branded performance components, such as a dry carbon rear spoiler, while the Levorg will enjoy some elements taken from the STI repertoire. This suggests both cars should be expecting aesthetic ameliorations yet we don’t anticipate any discernible improvements in terms of handling or power output.

Apart from these, Subaru shall showcase the GT300 edition of the BRZ, its 2024 WRX NBR (Nurburgring) Challenge machine, and, to cap it off, an endurance racing vehicle named the Team SDA Engineering BRZ CNF Concept.

It is plain to see that Subaru knows the magnitude of STI recognition, particularly when coupled with the respected WRX. Nonetheless, we in America only have access to the WRX TR and its sales are evidence enough: without an STI variation, buying of the WRX has been scarce. If nothing more dramatic occurs shortly, the company will soon watch it’s loyalist horde vanish for good. People who endured those exultant days of Subaru’s lead on the World Rally millennium are virtually non-existent. In order for the firm to revive that former grandeur, it must create vehicles that incite enthusiasm.

It is to be hoped that the WRX S4 STI Sport Prototype will be a step in an advantageous direction.

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