Challenge Fox: Brabus & KW Suspension

Two Aftermarket Suspension Kits.

Commendation of aftermarket businesses Brabus and KW Automotive recently joined forces to create novel suspension devices planned to supply an enhanced journey. Brabus will collaborate with KW Automotive in devising, tuning, and examining suspensions that will be put in on its regulated cars.

For more than three decades, KW has enjoyed a reputation as a worldwide authority in suspension systems. Their dedication to supplying innovative solutions for the minutiae particulars of the automotive industry have been paramount to their success, so it’s no surprise that Brabus elected to collaborate with them.

Both businesses are resolute to make top-tier suspension systems that will augment the Brabus-improved cars’ efficiency. Grammatically checked: Both companies are determined to produce high-quality suspension systems that will enhance the performance of Brabus-tuned vehicles.

Amid the current endeavors that Brabus and KW are jointly tackling is the semi-active RideControl suspension system for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. This innovative design promises to modernize ride and comfort for drivers of this iconic vehicle.

Brabus unveiled the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon P 900 Rocket Edition One of Ten last year, fitted out with the RideControl aluminium coilover suspension system that is able to alter the vehicle’s ride height by two inches. Now, both Brabus and KW have endeavoured to take this suspension system to the next level, building upon the KW solid piston shock absorber guarded with adjustable electronic proportional valves.

Brabus deployed KW suspensions for its 900 Crawler, reputedly the pinnacle of opulent off-roading. Its 900 Crawler was also the initial vehicle to be constructed in-house by the tuning company.

It is crafted with a bespoke frame, and equipped with a Mercedes-AMG 2.0 Litre Twin-Turbo V8 powerplant that allows it to launch to 62 mph in merely 3.4 seconds.

KW suspensions can be found in a variety of Brabus-enhanced automobiles, ranging from the Mercedes-AMG G63-based 700 and 800 models to the Porsche 911 Turbo-inspired 720 and 820 supercars.

The team at KW Automotive have assembled a newly-designed coilover kit for ex-Formula One ace Nick Heidfeld’s Porsche Carrera GT. It provides an extensive variety of adjustment solutions ranging from near stock to soft and firm, which could result in enhanced levels of performance when driving.

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