Chevrolet/GMC Destroyed In Dumb Heist

Who’ll Claim Dumbest Thief of ’24?

A duo of car robbers in Gomez Palacio, Mexico, flawlessly highlighted just why one should not filch a motor vehicle after blundering an audacious mission to steal from a locomotive. Truthfully, we can hardly refer to it as “train robbery”.

As per Debate, the culprits infiltrated a rail station and discovered the wagons carrying both of the lorries inside. They managed to force it open, and this is when the plot took a turn for the worse. It appears that the grand robbery only had an arrangement up until then without any subsequent plans.

Carrying arms instead of makeshift inclines, the auto hijackers were unable to extricate the trucks from the railroad car. Both vehicles have remarkable ground clearance and approach/departure angles (especially when you procure a Colorado ZR2 Bison), yet it wasn’t adequate to bridge the gap between the land and the lip of the railway carriage.

The perpetrators were successful in extracting the GMC Canyon from the train, however, not too effortlessly, with major damage incurred. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether this destruction was caused by the removing process or due to being hit by another train. The white Chevy seemed to be better condition, yet it was abandoned upon detection by law enforcement.

These thieves are definitely making a strong argument for being amongst the most foolish culprits of 2024 and we’re only just starting. Their failure to correctly strategize the venture puts them on a similar plane as the circle of Dodge Durango stealers that couldn’t make it out of the factory in 2022 and the auto burglar who was prohibited by soup in 2023.

Car and Driver conveyed to a nearby insider, and purportedly, the criminals are connected to a neighborhood group. The pick-ups were almost certainly making the trip from GM’s Wentzville Assembly in Missouri to Mexico. Ordinarily, vehicles are completely insured while they are en route, however the main harm was to the pride of the thieves.

The Chevy still looks rather recoverable, though the extent of damage to the frame which came from skimming along the side of the railroad car is unknown. The Canyon is beyond repairable, and GM should have more than just a tiny bit of white on the insurance document to replace this misfortune.

No detainments have been brought about thus far. No one has yet been apprehended.

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