Chevy C8 Stingray: Round Taillights Available

Improving the Corvette: Better or Worse?

Chevrolet caused a massive shift with their C8 iteration of the iconic Corvette Stingray, changing it from a typical sports car to a mesmerizing mid-engine ride that boasts unprecedented interesting proportions as well as a captivating new look. Yet, will the design be ameliorated via the incorporation of round tail lights? It’s a question that American tuner Competition Carbon has taken upon themselves to answer, offering a retrofit set that is set to open up orders next week.

Upon its introduction, the C8 received criticism for its taillights that gave it a slightly Camaro-esque vibe, so changes were made to address this. Oddly enough, something similar was seen on the front-engine C6 Corvette, but it’s uncertain whether the same aesthetic works as well with the sporty C8 design.

A post distributed by Competition Carbon (@competitioncarbon) has been shared to the world. Allowing everyone to catch a glimpse of what the company has to offer, from their custom carbon fiber collection of premium automotive parts and accessories. Providing distinctive pieces for auto enthusiasts seeking that extra flair within their ride. Offering supreme quality construction for all builds!

“No offense,” but the design of the render appears to be inspired by the taillights of a horsebox trailer. But when you take a closer look (check out the embedded video below), much more detail is revealed. The taillights have a mesmerizing infinity mirror effect, and even though it was created using a “ready-made solution,” it looks really well-done.

It appears that instead of creating a bezel or some type of concealed taillight cluster, the company has elected to install a similar panel pattern to the initial taillights. Initially, an alternate resolution had been contemplated which seemed far more custom-built, however, availability complications have prevented the more aesthetically pleasing option (in this author’s estimation) from being carried out.

Regardless, this is an alluring technique for rendering the Stingray more remarkable.

A post disseminated by Competition Carbon (@competitioncarbon) has been circulating around the internet. This artwork grants individuals sight into the top-tier craftsmanship and quality of their company. From the intricate detailing on their products to the attention to alluring design, this post provides a glimpse of why they are an unparalleled leader in their industry.

The initial presentation portrayed here appeared to be a lot more intricate and certainly was consistent with the spirit of the Corvette a lot more. With just a basic colored trim line, the C8 seems as though it’s desiring to appear in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Assuming this is your preference, prices are being decided on and will declared prior to deposits being taken up following week. Furthermore, you can go ahead and make advance payment for the intense Liberty Walk kit for the C8.

Alternatively, maybe it would be wiser to put the money into boosting performance. Just recently, Hennessey revealed a powerful supercharger package for the C8 with 708 horses, and it is definitely remarkable.

A post shared by Competition Carbon (@competitioncarbon) recently surfaced, showcasing the company’s offerings. The company’s vast selection was presented, featuring products made of carbon. Items such as wheels and other equipment manufactured by the firm were displayed. Customers will find this post extremely beneficial, as they gain insight into what they may buy from Competition Carbon.

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