Chevy Corvette Z06: Dealer Panels a Problem?

Fix Home in Half Hour

Following the faulty suspension set-up issue brought about by General Motors earlier this year, another beneath body issue has arisen for the Corvette C8. This time, it appears that there might be an underbody closure panel on some Corvette Z06 models that could potentially have been incorrectly fitted during their pre-delivery check.

Notably, members of staff at Chevy fit an underneath panel to the mid-engine sports car upon it being delivered to a dealership so as to finalise the review. Only Z06 units have their underside panels mounted by dealers, not at the factory.

The incorrect assembly can warp the panels, leading to air flow issues and dirt/stones gathering in between them. Numerous proprietors have reported this issue.

Despite the fact that no recall was issued by the automaker, owners of the vehicle at MidEngineCorvetteForum were still able to discover an improper installation. Understandably, they were eager to investigate the issue further. Fortunately, GTPprix, the original poster, reported that the fix for the problem was “very easy”.

The inferior panel resembles the image above, meanwhile an exemplar installation is exemplified by the picture underneath.

Ahead of operating with a high speed, every Owner of the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 ought to be armed with both a Torx T15 and a 7mm socket installer. The panel in the underbody must then be correctly installed on top of the closeout panelling; doing so safeguards against small rocks entering your car and guarantees a smooth airflow.

It would be a shame if proprietors were unable to take advantage of their Corvette’s fullest ability due to a poor-fitting underbody panel. For the starting cost of $105,300, an almost stock Corvette Z06 (except for drag racing tires) has the potential to race a quarter mile in below 10 seconds.

Consequently, GTPprix recommends that car owners review the chassis of their automobiles, as discussions on the website highlighted several similar cases. Should they choose to make an adjustment to the incorrectly-assembled panel, one thread user suggested that it can be accomplished within 30 minutes.

We hope that future C8 Corvette Z06s will avoid the same underbody panel issue, yet we wouldn’t be astonished if it continued, since the pre-delivery review procedure is still alive and active. The dealerships ought to take greater care in the future too.

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