Chevy Extends ’23 Model Year for Corvette

2024 Model Year Delayed Until September 5

Anybody awaiting the launch of the 2022 Chevrolet Corvette should probably put their watching to an end soon as the report by Corvette Blogger states that the info sheet given to car dealers has noted the last day of production for the 2023 model year will be September 1, 2023. This will give the manufacturers a couple of days to shift requirements towards producing 2024 model year Corvettes, which kick off on Tuesday, September 5 – subsequent to Labor Day in America.

Alas, the conclusion of a model year was currently a period in which you might possibly be capable of securing a bargain, but that’s very unlikely during 2023. Having said that, it’s especially true for the Z06 since customer-allotted orders (SRE) for the Z06 were stopped on April 5, and retailer markups have gotten to extremes.

The reason why Chevrolet is pushing back their 2023 model year remains uncertain, though it likely relates to supply chain problems as there will be some improvements during the third production year of C8’s generation. There have been rumours of a complete redesign of its interior, however, no reliable source has confirmed this.

Speculation abounds about the potential for a fresh infotainment touch screen digital dashboard, potentially being the cause of the Chevy delay. Equally keeping the manufacturer preoccupied at present is their work on the Z06 Corvette and the introduction of the electric E-Ray vehicle; likely creating an conjunction of events.

It is quite plausible that the Corvette has seen such a noteworthy success – even with those eyeing to overhaul the interior of the Camaro – that manufacturers are currently in no particular hurry to switch up their model for the sake of encouraging people to purchase something new.

According to the first report, vehicle dealers will get access to the ordering handbook on July 10th, and the visualizer/configurator will become accessible on 18th of July. For now, we remain optimistic for Chevy to announce any changes that may come or for spy images to appear if there is a facelift underway.

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