Chinese Auto Supplier Unveils Cutting-Edge EV Interior at CES Debut

Yanfeng debuts at Consumer Electronics Show.

Yanfeng, a leading supplier in the Chinese automotive industry, has made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The company’s primary goal is to impress attendees with their innovative concept for EV interiors. Through thorough research, Yanfeng has found that consumers purchasing electric vehicles have different expectations for their interior compared to traditional gasoline-powered cars. They desire a seamless and enjoyable experience. With the declining quality of new cars, ensuring everything fits tightly together would be an added advantage.

Known as the Electric Mobility Interior (EMI) design, Yanfeng streamlines the interior of electric vehicles by eliminating the need for a traditional instrument panel. Instead, every function and capability is seamlessly integrated into the Smart Cabin seat. These in-cabin luxuries encompass an innovative headrest complete with built-in audio functionality, advanced safety features, ample storage options, and convenient charging capabilities – all neatly incorporated within the seat itself.

There is not much information disclosed, however from the photos, it can be inferred that Yanfeng envisions future cabins for electric vehicles to include two displays. The top screen is considerably larger than those found in a Tesla Model S or Ford Mustang Mach-E, while the bottom screen is smaller and connected to a flexible arm that can rotate between the front passengers.

A main takeaway from Yanfeng’s display is the streamlined process of production, as the entire Smart Cabin seat – even the instrument panel – is integrated, rendering installation into vehicles more feasible and cost-effective for automakers.

Yanfeng presented the CYMATICX cabin audio technology at CES, combining a myriad of technological advancements to produce a fully immersive audio experience for passengers in vehicles.

Yanfeng CYMATICX sound flow cabin brings immersive acoustic experiences to vehicle interior spaces.

Yanfeng presented its innovative ClickRim steering wheel concept at the event. In contrast to conventional tillers that require a labor-intensive wrapping technique, Yanfeng’s steering wheel is designed with complete automation, making it easier for car manufacturers. Depending on their needs, automakers can customize the steering wheel with a range of materials, such as fabric, leather, synthetic leather, or any other molded or wrapped materials.

Yanfeng has recently unveiled a revamped edition of its Hover Seat, which initially made its debut worldwide several years back. This innovative seating system now incorporates adaptive Seat Sensing Posture ID technology, created through the utilization of zero gravity research (similar to Nissan and their zero-gravity seats). This advanced feature is capable of identifying the occupant’s seated position, fatigue level, and body shape.

Yanfeng also owns over 100 manufacturing facilities and technical centers globally, and its design centers are strategically located in key automotive regions.Yanfeng is a leading provider of automotive components, specializing in items such as interior, exterior, seating, cockpit, and passive safety equipment. In 2022, its sales to automakers reached an impressive $15 billion worldwide. Boasting more than 100 production facilities and technical hubs across the globe, Yanfeng has strategically placed design centers in major automotive hubs.

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