Chinese SUV Blasted by Flaming Wrecking Ball

Hongqis: Beyond Tough

Videos posted on TikTok and X have demonstrated an extraordinary crash test featuring a Chinese-market Hongqi SUV (reportedly the HS5). Staggeringly, this vehicle was subjected to punishing abuse including battering and burning – yet, incredibly, it still survived. Before any auto is released for sale, it indicates the necessity of undergoing intensive crash tests. However, this is one such test we have never seen before.

The introductory scene of the visual showcases a massive burning wrecking ball crashing into the passenger side of an automobile, which is effectively taken up by the HS5. The doors are slightly dented and airbags on that part were set off, yet otherwise the impact isn’t dramatically alarming. Certain comments propose the flaming projectile could be made of plastic – nevertheless, it remains alight.

The Hongqi then proceeds to a landscape of paltry detonations before crashing into something that appears like two brick walls. Finally, a diminutive hatchback is dropped from above on the top of the SUV, only to produce a light dent. Despite this, the vehicle is still able to start moving again on its own power.

Hongqi models have been designed to be remarkably robust. President Xi Jinping and his workforce typically move about in fortified Hongqi N701 sedans. While it is uncertain whether the SUV featured in the recording is also created to provide security for government use – its fiery shows evidently present that this could very well be the situation.

Source: Inside China Auto / X

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