Classic Ford Mustang Revived with Coyote V8 Swap in DIY Garage

Amazing creations don’t need a high-tech workshop – surprising!

A proud owner of an original Ford Mustang resurrected his beloved vintage vehicle with a bold transformation, involving the installation of a Coyote V8 engine – renowned for its versatility and power – and other enhancements to take the build to new heights. Despite its worn-out exterior, this Mustang now boasts an impressive array of upgrades, all completed by the capable hands of Ryan, its owner and mechanic extraordinaire.

Beneath the vehicle’s exterior lies a 5.0-liter Gen 1 Coyote V8 engine, delivering a formidable punch of 412 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque in its factory form. Although we were not able to confirm the exact power output as there was no accompanying dyno sheet, Ryan informed us that the engine had been expertly tuned by Lund Racing. This impressive V8 replaced the car’s previous inline-six when he acquired the unit at the price of $3,500.

The Widebody Coyote Swapped Mustang Built In A Garage😳| Deconstructed Ep.1

Although the exterior may appear docile and inconspicuous, this car boasts an extensive range of modifications hidden beneath its surface. The motor is linked to a TR6060 Tremec six-speed manual transmission, coupled with a Centerforce clutch and a Ford Performance short-throw shifter. The force is then transmitted to the Ford nine-inch rear axle equipped with a 3.89 gear ratio.

The rims have deviated significantly from their original factory specifications, with a one-of-a-kind 18-inch set now in place, adorned in Falken RT660 tires (measuring 295/30R18 in the front and 315/30R18 in the back). These new wheels are perfectly complemented by Wilwood’s advanced six-piston brake system and a Rod & Custom RC107 Kit equipped with adjustable coilovers from QA1.

In terms of aesthetic, the traditional Mustang has been enhanced with the Maier Racing Adams widebody kit, which expands the width by four inches on each side. To complement the broader frame, a S&W Performance spoiler and understated chin spoiler have also been installed. In the rear, the owner has chosen to incorporate 396maro LED sequential taillights. Additionally, a custom hood has been fitted to accommodate a Whipple supercharger, while a specially crafted exhaust provides the signature V8 muscle car roar.

While it may not appeal to everyone’s taste due to its rugged appearance, the 1965 Ford Mustang certainly catches the eye with its impressive performance modifications and updated engine. We can’t help but wonder about the experience of driving this beast.

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