Comparing Gen GT to 2024 Mustang RTR

S550 Mustang GT vs S650 Mustang RTR Race

Since its origin in 1965, the Ford Mustang has earned itself a massive following of admirers. Through the last 6 generations, this powerful pony car has always excited drivers and the upcoming seventh version is predicted to bring more of the same.

The latest model of the Ford Mustang, the S650 for 2024, has created controversy amongst some adorers of the unforgettable sports car from the blue oval emblem. Although most aficionados have joyfully accepted the seventh generation, some are discouraged in that they think Ford has just done a simple facelift of the S550.

The renowned Youtuber StangMode, a self-proclaimed Mustang aficionado, has posed the question in their latest video: which Mustang pulley earns top honours? No more arguing needed – find out the verdict here!

1ST MODDED 2024 Mustang vs FBO 2018 Mustang GT!

Paul Kenney, a close pal of StangMode’s, has made it known that the S650 Mustang does not reach the status of former versions, this includes his own FBO Mustang GT from 2018. He chose to bring his much-loved horse to StangMode’s property for a head-to-head check against a 2024 model.

However, this isn’t just your general S650. A completely new 2024 Ford Mustang RTR has just been released, being the inaugural altered version of this vehicle. As it pulls up to the entrance, all eyes are immediately looking in its direction.

The RTR package offers updated grilles, hood vents, fractured rocker sections, a boot spoiler, Aero 5 rims, a rear jounce mount kit, sport-grade dropping springs, modifiable sway bars, and adaptable shocks as well as struts. This mix of hardware can effectively evolve the regular S650 Mustang into an auto enthusiast’s vision car. It’s noteworthy to highlight that this offering will be available on several versions of the 2024 series.

Without a doubt, Paul’s modified S550 GT model is a magnificent auto that generally grabs a lot of attention; however, it is outshined by its newer companion. Despite showing off the internally changed engine along with its Cobra Jet intake, his automobile isn’t able to trump the RTR Spec II with its Generational 4 Coyote V8.

StangMode has been a tremendous enthusiast of the S550 and has held numerous cars from that era with great pride. However, even he has been mesmerized by the 2024 Mustang RTR, due to its advanced design and cutting-edge technology.

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