Comparing the DeLorean & Cybertruck

Delorean & Cybertruck on SF Street: An Instant Buzz

Footage of a DMC DeLorean parked alongside a Tesla Cybertruck in San Francisco presents us with an exotic display of what two futuristic vehicles could appear to be like siblings separated at conception.

One CarBuzz reader shared with us visuals of the remarkable Tesla Cybertruck (included in the center gallery), although it is unclear whether this was prior to or following the DeLorean’s presence.

But the similarities don’t stop there.It is evident that the Tesla Cybertruck and the iconic DeLorean both boast similar aesthetics in terms of their wedge-shaped physique and futuristic style. An uncommon feature of both these cars is that they have stainless steel bodies. While the material variant employed by Tesla is cutting-edge 300 series alloy, the original DMC-12 DeLorean was created with AISI grade 304 stainless steel on a fiberglass base. However, the tie-ups between these two marvellous vehicles do not merely end here.

These visually alluring (subjective) and remarkable artifacts are not effortless to originate, particularly if delicate bends are crucial.

DeLorean and Cybertruck

Besides displaying modern designs, both Tesla and DeLorean faced identical production difficulties. For instance, Tesla had to score and shape flat sheets of stainless steel, which demanded the manufacturing of the truck to be based in Texas. Severity of costs was a significant struggle for DeLorean. In fact, such difficulty made it quite expensive when released to the public.

Maintaining the gleaming luster of stainless steel while ensuring the angles are precise is no easy feat, but Tesla seems to have it down pat for their upcoming electric truck. However, Elon Musk wishes to take it a step further, aiming for the build quality to be “as good as Lego and soda cans.” This is an area that Tesla has yet to perfect.

The electric auto maker’s Tesla Cybertruck is quickly nearing the release of its very first model. Already, RC variants like the one seen here with the DeLorean have been noticed zooming around the US. A particularly eye-catching display was spotted at a busy intersection where its remarkable speed was put on show. What’s more, another example was spotted just recently, seemingly boasting an oversized control panel and a huge glass ceiling.

Tesla has already affirmed they will launch full-scale fabrication in the year 2024. As such, the public should anticipate additional information about the Cybertruck, with potential for a performance version too.

Until now, perceiving the remarkable similarity between these two models is quite entertaining, as it may be to extrapolate connotations involving the similarities between the directers of both automakers, each of whom can be categorized as idiosyncratic in their own distinctive ways.

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