Could This Be the Rivian R2 SUV?

Leaked Design of Baby R1S in Patent for Safer Hill Descent Adaptive Lighting System

There is more fantastic news regarding Rivian, particularly in relation to their R2 compact SUV. A recent patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office reveals sketches detailing a groundbreaking off-road lighting system, and one of these illustrations could potentially be the R2S SUV.

Basically, the patent addresses the issue of factory headlights being positioned too low to properly illuminate the path ahead when traversing down a hill or valley. To remedy this problem, sensors are proposed to detect the orientation of the vehicle and activate a supplementary roof-mounted lighting system. This would allow for a better view of the terrain while climbing up or descending down steep slopes. The added benefit is that these sensors can also turn off the lights when they are no longer necessary, avoiding both potential glare for other drivers and unnecessary energy consumption.

However, at present, we are not overly concerned about that.

Although many elements remain unchanged, the new R1S differs in its unique fascia design. The glasshouse shape and wheel arch curves are reminiscent of its predecessor, as well as the wing mirror design. However, one striking difference is the elongated cylindrical headlight surrounds which have been replaced with a more compact and rounded style.

According to Rivian’s Chief Financial Officer, Claire McDonough, the upcoming R2 model will retain its “adventure aesthetic.” This implies that there will be minimal visual alterations between the R1 and R2 vehicles. However, it is expected that the R2 will have more noticeable distinctions compared to other planned Rivian vehicles. And it’s worth noting that the company has several models in the works.

The authenticity of the R2’s creation will soon become clear. Rivian has repeatedly announced that the upcoming electric vehicle will be unveiled in early 2024, and according to recent reports from Laguna Beach city agenda, a reveal on March 7 may be imminent. It is anticipated that the price range will be between $40,000-$60,000, with an emphasis on practical features that will appeal to potential buyers.

Is this patent worth considering and will it actually be produced? Ford has been actively pursuing this idea, indicating that there is market potential. This seemingly uncomplicated design should have few limitations, making it an idea worth keeping tabs on.

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