Rivian: Digital Spare Wheel Carrier & Secret Apps

Connecting the User Interface to a Spare Wheel

Rivian has lodged a new patent application for an oversized temporary tire rack meant for the R1S SUV. This feature is equipped with multiple nifty capabilities, which have been identified by RivianForums who noticed it in the United States Patent and Trademark Office records.

As you can observe from the images provided, the newest frame was created to serve as a platform for an R1S spare wheel. Its general size measures 21 inches; however, it can be either shortened or elongated by one inch should the desired effect for the car occur. The catch stretches out horizontally along the tire but lacks the fortitude to keep it attached in place. As an alternative, the wheel is bound to another fastening which is connected on the outer surface of the car. It is assured through the outer surface of the wheel pointing inwardly, an arrangement that differs remarkably with the most regular manner spare wheels are affixed to the motor vehicle.

By taking this approach, the proprietor has the capability to gain access to the hollow located on the external side of the rim. This said area is significant because Rivian claims that various essential items can be placed there.

The quay is likewise indispensable, since Rivian can simply affix electrical couplers, jacks, or a mélange. It would be the ideal hookup to energize the recent portable cinema projector that Rivian recently acquired rights for.

Regarding the interior of the wheel, Rivian refer to it as a storage compartment. According to the patent document, this can be used to hold an emergency medical kit, rubbish bin, water jug, fridge, suction tank, compressed air device, tool chest, electronic devices and wires. As hinted in the drawings provided by Rivian, several unique containers might be crafted in order to store certain goods like a spare battery. The patent also mentions that further compartments may be mounted onto the reservoir for the reserve wheel.

Rivian has previously filed a patent for an attachable power pack and it looks like an optimal area to fit it. Although its potential may not be equal to that of the car which boasts a scope of 400 miles, it should be sufficient for supplying convenient electricity to places such as camping sites or building sites.

Remarkably, it seems that the receptacle can be linked to the car’s user interface. An exclusive patent illustration unmistakably demonstrates the infotainment screen prompting the owner to jettison contents from the trash bin. It can as well provide visual confirmation of the condition of the first aid kit and fridge, and there is no uncertainty that more functions could be available.

The notorious American electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, Rivian, is widely acclaimed for its innovative storage solutions. Upon first viewing of the R1T, spectators were overwhelmed by its novel use of the interior space: namely, the kitchen concealed within the Gear Tunnel. Taking advantage of the fact that there is no mechanical coupling between its front and rear axles, this car maker successfully maximised the storage capabilities available to them.

Rivian is not alone in their pursuit of exterior spare wheel cover patents. Back in February 2023, Ford submitted an application to turn such a cover into a loudspeaker, while Mercedes-Benz proposed utilising the G-Class variant as a piece of carry-on baggage.

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