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2024 Tacoma Price: Crazy Upgrades = $60K+

As you peruse this article, Toyota might already have switched on their 2024 Tacoma personalizer. It was confirmed through a short search of Toyota’s website that the 2023 producer and seller configurator is visible, but the helpful fellows at Tacoma4g found something much more intriguing. The 2024 Tinker-toy appears to be completely formatted – and due to the Tacoma’s revamping for its upcoming year, it’s now more curious than ever to check out the options and estimations. The same goes to us as well.

Therefore, it is clear that we wholeheartedly jumped to this undertaking. If you go overboard with available options or components, you could very easily find yourself spending above the $60,000 mark on a 2024 Tacoma. While this entails a significant cost for a midsize truck, we should note that the existing configuration interface does permit consumers to add a variety of elements, sometimes in various forms. As an example, you may not want to have both a bed mat and a spray-on bed liner, and donning metallic inserts on the tailgate’s black trim is possible but unnecessary. In short, you get the gist.

We reached out to Toyota to learn if the confidential but accessible configurator is dependable. Unfortunately, no definite response was given in regards to the accessories, however, we can affirm the cost breakdown of its trim levels is precise. It kicks off with the Tacoma SR XtraCab in 2WD costing $32,995. Presently, the most costly configuration is the Tacoma Limited only assessible as a Double Cab 4WD, and totals at an estimated $53,595, taking into account a destination fee of $1,495.

Truck aficionados could observe that two trim grades are not present on the optimizer, primarily the TRD Pro and novel Trailhunter. These vehicles are only supplied with the iForce Max hybrid motor producing 326 horsepower, but this setup will not be available until 2024’s spring. That is why these trucks do not appear in the online configuration at this moment.

The new Taco dinners up around 79 add-ons to choose from, although this estimate may slightly differ as per your trim preferences. You can spot typical items, like lug nuts locks, bed liners, storage haulers, and side steps, but Toyota has surely shown its uniqueness by featuring ARB Twin Portable Compressor at $990, Carmate dashcam costs at $550 and countless Dometic electric cooler arrangementsAMD chillers, advertised starting Solely at $1,050!

You can also make your selection from seven distinct Pelican tough storage packages, 4 practical Go Rhino gear/rescue carriers, or just take it easy in the ARB camping chairs valued only at $68. Furthermore, exhaust tips with a chrome finish can be obtained for $120; the Tacoma tailgate inserts we spoke of can retail for either $89 (gunmetal) or $99 (black). Plus, Toyota has a unique action camera fixture, all set to go on the bed rail as part of its accessories bundle, being offered at simply $56.

We have already been behind the wheel of the modern Tacoma, and our perceptions were positive. In case a heavily outfitted Tacoma Limited with oodles of options which sum up to more than $60,000 doesn’t interest you, we have additionally learned that the most basic SR model might be all you need in a truck.

Source: Toyota via Tacoma4g

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