2024 Tacoma: Camper Top Installed Before Dealer Release

Purchase for $7,700 in 2021

Toyota debuted the revamped and improved 2024 Tacoma back in May. This luxury pickup truck is filled with a whole new set of engines and its upgraded tech features. When this vehicle becomes available for purchase towards the end of 2021, those wanting to take their Tacoma outdoors can start pre-ordering their items from GoFastCampers (GFC). Earlier this week, the company unveiled its Platform Camper and tent, both of which can be pre-ordered now.

The weight of the camper top may range from 266 to 275 pounds, which is contingent on the size of the bed. GFC constructs its campers to be commensurate with the bed measurements; in addition, this one increases the total height for the Tacoma by only 6.5 inches.

GFC’s camper boasts a sturdy half-inch thick white honeycomb composite roof that rebounds solar rays. It also has air gap insulation and side panels to enhance the inside atmosphere and coziness of the tent. There are optionally available roof bars that augment the truck’s load capacity, capable of bearing up to 500 lbs., as well as intended to accommodate solar panels underneath.

It is equipped with a mattress that is 3″ thick, stretchin’ 90″ in width and 40″ long; which is somewhat more extensive than the traditional bedroom twin size and a few extra inches longer.

GFC constructs the recreational vehicle with a T-rail encasing the entire outer edge of the ceiling. Using this infrastructure, proprietors are able to put in place diverse fixtures, such as lamps and awnings.

Customers can elect amongst Tangerine Dream or Stone Gray for the shade of the accommodator fabric, manufactured from 300D waterproof honeycomb ripstop polyester featuring an ebony inner mesh. The vacationer is available with an optionally obtainable bed topper window. The façade comes in nine shades: Metallic Grey, Bronze, Silver, Green, Blue, Grey, Black, White, and Dare Ya Red.

The cost of the camper arrives at a total of $7,700, inclusive of the specified included options and shipping. Furthermore, GFC is offering a brand-new Bed Topper for the Tacoma for an additional cost of $3,995 as well as the Chase Fame edition for $2,100. Although Toyota has yet to disclose the official pricing point of this Tacoma model, it is anticipated that this information will become available as the date of sale draws nearer.

Source: GoFastCampers via Road and Track

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