Custom Dream Cars Now Available from Lotus

Get Your Dream Gold Emira with Custom Paint and Wheels by Lotus Chapman Bespoke

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. Bentley Mulliner. Q By Aston Martin. And now, Lotus Chapman Bespoke. What links these prestigious names together? For wealthy car purchasers seeking unique and personalized vehicles, these factory-based programs offer the opportunity to create a bespoke car that caters to their specific preferences.These high-end services cater to the affluent clientele who desire a vehicle that truly stands out from the crowd. Whether it’s customized interiors or a one-of-a-kind exterior finish, these manufacturers have their own teams dedicated to crafting distinct, tailor-made cars.If you consider yourself a discerning customer with specific tastes and demanding standards, these brands allow you to turn your dream car into a reality. They understand that luxury is not just about the brand name, but also the individual wants and needs of each buyer.In addition to impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, these manufacturers also offer an excellent range of options for customization. From the type of leather used for the seats to the stitching on the steering wheel, every aspect can be tailored to your liking.And while these exclusive programs may come at a premium price, it’s a small price to pay for a car that is truly yours in every sense of the word. So, if you’re in the market for a high

Lotus has recently hopped on the bandwagon of personalized vehicles with their newest offering, Lotus Chapman Bespoke, paying tribute to its founders Colin and Hazel Chapman. Similar to other customized services at luxury car brands, customers who are unsatisfied with the standard options for features such as paint or trim, can collaborate with Lotus to design something truly distinctive. This could involve selecting from a set range of colors and combining them, or presenting personal concepts and entrusting the company to bring them to life.

In regards to Lotus Chapman Bespoke, there are three distinct levels. The first level, Tailor-made, offers an extensive range of colors and designs for buyers to select from. As Lotus states, this level also allows for “exclusive personal touches” to be added, making the piece even more unique. The next level, Collection, consists of limited-edition designs. These may be crafted by different artists or in collaboration with other brands. Finally, the highest tier is One-off, where customers have the opportunity to communicate their specific desires to Lotus. This can include preferences for colors, trims, materials, and even special badging – essentially, anything the buyer desires.

According to Ben Payne, Vice President of Design at Lotus, a significant number of our clients are in search of a customized and personalized experience. This could range from specific color choices, unique textures, preferred fabrics, or even intricate details. We are thrilled to witness the expression of their individuality reflected in our cars across the globe.

In the near future, this customization option will only be available in China. Lotus Chapman Bespoke plans to launch in this market on April 25, and will gradually introduce the service to other regions in the coming months.

“The tale of Lotus is the tale of a custom car manufacturer,” stated Lotus Chief Executive Officer Qingfeng Feng. “The initial vehicles were meticulously designed and constructed by hand in Colin Chapman’s own household, and that same essence continues to thrive within us even now.”

Lotus does not provide a fixed price list for their range of personalized services, which is understandable since we are discussing tailor-made work. Similarly, other companies that have their own customization teams rarely disclose their prices, but we have observed Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur’s custom paint choices in virtual builders costing as high as $30,000.

Source: Lotus

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