Cybertruck Build: A Surprising Base

Rarity Sacrificed: JDM Fans Heartbroken

We have viewed many peculiar structures in our life, yet this Tesla Cybertruck created from a Honda Beat seems to undoubtedly take the prize as being one of the most peculiar – and it possibly has the potential to trigger disgust from supporters of JDM and Kei autos.

One of RAAZER’s most eye-catching elements is its fully custom fabricated body, the product of a 17-year evolution in automotive craftsmanship. Bill first laid eyes on it and was immediately drawn to its angular gaping maw and low-slung roofline – attributes not obviously found on an otherwise ordinarily diminutive Beat. Attracted by the uniqueness of the vehicle, he decided to purchase the car.The notion of RAAZER began with a desire to produce something sleek and alluring, but with its roots deeply embedded within the chassis of the beloved Honda. After two years of hard work, those aspirations materialized as a highly polished finished sculpture. Not only does it flaunt lines far more striking than that seen on a stock Beat, but many intricate modifications have gone into ensuring it performs as good as it looks.Renowned as RAAZER, this edgy design may recall Tesla’s polarizing electric pickup truck, nevertheless, it is based on something even more alluring: a 1991 Honda Beat. Requested via Bring A Trailer dues, Bill Papke came into possession of the Japanese marvel two years ago.One aspect about RAAZER that catches attention at once is its completely tailored body,

This eye-catching Beat convertible, painted in a vibrant red, drew the attention of many – primarily due to its low mileage and immaculate condition. Papke had an ambitious plan to build a “radical wedge-shaped compact car” with only four flat aluminum planes. To make his dream a reality, he first needed to find the ideal donor car.

Regrettably for the Beat, it had all that Papke wanted–he wasn’t able to resist and seized it so he could begin transforming it to his ideal apparatus.

First off, Papke took out the vehicle’s body panels and windscreen, which were unneeded. What now remains of the Beat is simply the interior plus its 0.7 litre three-cylinder engine that can rev up to the equal of an S2000 at 9,000 rpm – considerably beyond the 8,500 rpm maximum. Luckily, these elements weren’t wasted and were instead sold off to a keen Beat enthusiast.

The design phase was treated with great gravity, as Papke employed CAD software to generate the ideal contour for the auto. Multiple clay and scale models were developed prior to the fabrication of a mockup. Soon after, a local welder made the framework for the body. The angular bodywork, composed from one-fourth inch aluminum, was affixed to the body using epoxy panel bonding adhesive.

It would be challenging to distinguish that there is a Honda Beat beneath the exterior if you did not take a closer peek. Moreover, flush-installed windows, luminescent lighting, and 16-inch rims were additional features. To receive a hint of Cybertruck style, Papke chose a brushed titanium vinyl wrapper to wrap up the body.

The petite–and now expanded–hutch had to be customized given how much spacier the RAAZER is than the Beat it’s built off of. Substantial casings border the dashboard and sides of the automobile, which brings one to ponder whether a Mazda MX-5 Miata may have been a more suitable donor car selection. Not only is it wider, but it’s also far more readily available compared to the Beat.

Papke discloses he has inflamed the car’s weight by 100 pounds, downgrading it to 1,680 lbs, rendering it quite weighty. Anyhow, mercifully, the air conditioning still functions flawlessly, consequently allowing drivers to relish their ride in comfort.

“I take it to car shows around town and it always turns heads and attracts more attention than even the most luxurious sports cars,” said Papke. “It’s not exactly built for speed, nor is it a practical vehicle for running errands, but it’s still a blast to shift through the gears.”

It was amazingly accomplished in under a twelve-month period, considering the considerable quantity of alterations. We can only hope that this will not signal the passing of any further JDM legend.

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