Cybertruck: Bulletproof Demonstration

Cybertruck Offers Bulletproof Protection

Tesla unequivocally demonstrated the fortitude and solidness of its Cybertruck through a video where it could effectively stop bullets. Specifically, the truck is bulletproof against some weaker ammunition for example 9 mm rounds fired from an automatic pistol.

Check out the video now to observe the magical powers of the Cybertruck, withstanding bullets and other projectiles without so much as a flinch. Incredulously witnessing it car charges forward despite all the rounds fired at the aluminum-alloy exterior. That’s right, merely dings in the stainless steel could be noticed after numerous shots were sent its way!

The rounds that pelted the Cybertruck came from an array of firearms; namely, a .45 caliber Tommy Gun submachine gun, a 9mm Glock handgun, and a 9mm MP5-SD submachine pistol. Astonishingly, the stainless steel material demonstrated its pliability as the bullets made contact since none of them succeeded in breaching the vehicle’s outer layer. Remarkably, the truck also suffered no damage to its interior despite the variety and size of the strikes. Although there are visible dents left on the external body, the cab remains unscathed.

It appears that calibers of bullets greater than 9mm, particularly those emitted from a rifle (having higher speeds and more pointed shapes), have the capacity to penetrate the metal surfaces of a CyberTruck. This conclusion was constituted by videos which show how high-velocity rifle projectiles mow through stainless steel which has similar thickness as that adopted in the aforementioned vehicle.

The exterior design of the electric truck showcases ‘impenetrable 30x cold-rolled stainless steel.’ According to the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE), regular steel door panels are typically 0.7 up to 1 millimeter in thickness; however, the stainless steel utilised on the Cybertruck is 3mm thick. As demonstrated in the video, stainless steel proves to be more resilient against tearing than the standard steel doors, where the bullet pushed the steel interior instead of shredding or destroying it.

We are unsure of the value of this bulletproof attribute; nevertheless, for some people, it may deliver a sensation of greater peace of mind.

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