Shoot an Arrow at the Tesla Cybertruck with Joe Rogan?

Cybertruck’s Unfazed by Powerful Bow Attack: Musk
Joe Tries to Shoot an Arrow Into the CyberTruck

Last month, a Tesla Cybertruck exemplification was spotted on a California motorway with an abundance of bullet scars on its driver’s side unyielding stainless steel finish.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk reported on X that their latest model, the Cybertruck, managed to hold up against some Al Capone-style ballistic testing done with a Tommy Gun – the Thompson submachine gun of 1920s gangsters fame.

On the Joe Rogan Experience podcast yesterday, Elon Musk spoke of a peculiar trial which made Rogan inquire if the Cybertruck’s resilience would take a strike from a hunting bow.

“Can I try with an arrow?” Joe Rogan questioned. “I bet I can get in there,” he added, prompting Musk to take him up on the $1 bet. “We can try right now if you want,” Musk replied, and Rogan promptly called for his 90-pound compound bow that shoots 525-grain arrows at 300 feet per second (205 mph) so they could make the impromptu test happen.

Musk allowed Rogan to take his aim and fire an arrow directly at the same Cybertruck that had been driven to their studio, and it seems that the stainless steel-clad electric vehicle withstood the intense test fantastically. They used one of the most powerful bows available, yet the arrow’s tip became flattened upon impacting the rear door and left seemingly a minor dent in the panel.

Rogan was truly amazed by the resilience of the Cybertruck’s stainless steel door panel. “So, we just shot an arrow into it, and it barely scratched it. It was probably going 275 feet per second, that was a 545 grain arrow, that’s incredible. It completely obliterated the broad head, the broad head flattened at the tip, and then the arrow broke apart. Amazing,” Rogan exclaimed.

At this moment, Musk unveiled that Tesla plans to showcase an exciting video at the November 30 delivery ceremony wherein a Tommy Gun magazine is drained completely, around 50 rounds. Additionally, there was shooting of a 9mm firearm and a 45mm shotgun on the flank of the Cybertruck.

Musk highlighted that the windows of the Cybertruck can lift and lower because they are not bulletproof. He indicated that, had the windows been armored, they would have had to be immovable due to their thickness. Although this was the case, he proposed that an optional bulletproof feature for the windows could be incorporated.

“Certainly,” he affirmed. Whether it’s a possibility to get Tesla cars with bulletproof windows or you’d have to seek out armoring experts, that is unknown.

Source: PowerfulJRE / YouTube

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