Cybertruck Under-Bed Storage Too Small for Spare Tire: See Video

Half the Size of R1T Bed Trunk

A fresh video has come up on the web displaying the beneath-bed compartment of the future Tesla Cybertruck, filled with great specifics that some reserve holders may adore or detest.

Before delving into this, I’d like to point out that the actual source of the video clip is a bit uncertain. It was put up on X by @DimaZeniuk, although a similar version of it has appeared on Facebook with someone else claiming to be its creator.

Anyway, the brief recording does not appear to have been tampered with, so I will focus on what is visible. Consequently, the storage area looks like it is effectively waterproof based on the fact that a rubber seal is inset in the lid.

Pictures from the past of the storage under the bed suggested there was a single hole for draining on the top area of the container, thus precluding water and dirt from entering inside the box.

Besides, Redditors have speculated that the bottom of the container has a drain plug, which means it could also serve as a portable cooler when you add some ice. Once it melts, all you’d have to do is remove the plug and your melted water will be gone. Although this is yet to be confirmed, take such claims with a pinch of salt.

The rear storage receptacle of the sub-bed trunk bears a remarkable resemblance to the Rivian R1T’s, yet, in spite of that likeness, it does not appear to be sufficiently capacious to accommodate a full-sized backup tire. To the naked eye, the whole space seemed occupied with one car cover – similar to the ones that have been used in several instances in the past for protecting advance units from precipitation or curious onlookers.

It can be said without doubt, based on our present knowledge, that a spare tyre does not form part of the equipment included with the Cybertruck. This is an unhelpful situation for those who get themselves stuck in an isolated location due to a punctured tire. An individual may store one in the cargo area, however this will diminish the utility they acquire from the load capabilities and is therefore not best fit for persons needing to consistently load plenty of items.

We should have an updated understanding of the Cybertruck following this upcoming November 30 delivery event, in which initial models being intended for customers will become available. However, what are your opinions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: @DimaZeniuk (X)

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