Cybertruck Vs R1T: Wild Sighting Compares Size

Tesla Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T: Who’s Bigger?

A number of images have appeared, which display the dimensions between Tesla’s Cybertruck and the Rivian R1T while parked at a Tesla Supercharger site. The recognizable prototypical version of the Cybertruck is referenced by the decal on its side, containing the writing of “RC_Build Engineering Prototype” with RC specifying Release Candidate. This emphasizes how earnestly Tesla is looking at Rivian’s competition.

Thanks to the individuals part of the Cybertruck Owners Club discussion board, a sighting was reported which provides us with an estimation of its dimensions when eventually it is revealed.

The precise measurements of the output variant of the Cybertruck are still uncertain. Going off of initial data, it is depicted to be 231.7 inches in length, 75 inches in stature, and 79.8 inches broad – more extended and taller than the Rivian R1T but a tad skinnier. Tesla has bragged that its truck bed will be the most substantial within its class.

At 217.1 inches long, 87.1 inches extensive and 73.1 inches elevated, the Rivian is quite a sight to behold. It features a spacious 4.5-foot-long bed that provides ample room for cargo.

It’s certainly no surprise that, as can be observed in the pictures, the Cybertruck towers over the R1T due to its full-size stature versus the Rivian’s mid-sized design. Still, the latter seems to take the crown when it comes to its stock liftoff, with the Cybertruck appearing to sit quite low in comparison. However, it should be noted that the R1T ranks among the market’s highest riding vehicles just like its SUV sibling the R1S.

Approaching these pictures cautiously is necessary due to the potential for camera angles to deceive. Nonetheless, the contrast in proportions between the initial prototype and the soon-to-be mass-produced units is expected.

When it comes to the bed, we anticipate the Cybertruck to have a longer back end, based on Elon Musk’s declaration that it will be “the first sub-19 ft pickup truck with four doors and a bed over six feet.” While length is an important factor, usability is another, and other sightings suggest a different story when it comes to the usable area beneath the tonneau.

Frequent observations of the Cybertruck in its natural habitat, including the pics kindly sent to us by CarBuzz reader Jermaine Jones based in San Francisco, indicate that progress is pregnantly escalating, elucidating it won’t also be extended before the Cybertruck commences being shipped which is planned for commencement next annum.

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