Czinger Debuts 21C V Max in Golden State at Goodwood

V Max: Bold Orange Power of 1,350 HP

Czinger debuted its 21C V Max at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in Europe, displaying it in a brand-new bright orange hue known as Golden State of Mind. This color pays homage to Czinger’s home state flower, the California poppy. Moreover, it serves as an ode to the birthplace of this hypercar brand.

The V Max is the fastest version of the Czinger’s unique 21C model, which managed to set fastest lap times at both Laguna Seca as well as the Circuit of the Americas. It works with a proprietary hybrid motor crafted by their team, which has a 2.88-liter twin-turbocharged V8 with capacity reaching up to 1,350 horsepower.

In a precedent privileged chat with Motor1, the founders of the company, Kevin and Lukas Czinger, elucidated that the blueprint of the 21C was influenced by the SR-71 Blackbird espionage plane, comprising the instrument set-up and also the side-by-side double-seat layout. This setup as well augments aerodynamics, diminishing drag while conferring just about 2.5 tons of downforce at 200 mph (322 km/h).

In regard to hue, ‘Golden State of Mind’ pays homage to the California poppy which adorns the rolling hills yearly with its luminous orange shade. This tint was consciously chosen by Czinger in order to commemorate the moment and stress the automaker’s dedication to eco-friendly practices. Inside, the V Max is equipped with an olive green leather surface coupled with gray wool fabric mirroring the twill carbon fiber on the forefront seat. The vivid orange topstitching stands in opposition to the green and gray colours of the inside, harmonising with the bright orange external.

Founded in 2019 by brothers Kevin and Lukas Czinger, Czinger Vehicles has established a presence at 15 dealerships around the world, ranging from London to Tokyo. Hailing from Los Angeles, the firm seeks to reinvent how the automotive industry operates with an ambitious goal of melding human and AI innovation into a single, sustainable system for continually improving vehicle design and efficiency. Launching 2021 is the 21C, while the Hyper GT and its four-seat configuration will be made available later.

Source: Czinger Vehicles via Shamin Abas

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