Restomod Cherokee SJ: Twice the Price of Two Jeep Wrangler 392s

Seats Upholstered in Authentic Levi’s Fabric for a Stylish Interior Look

There has been a notable presence of restomodged SUVs modeled after renowned vehicles such as the Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender. However, the initial model of Jeep Cherokee appears to receive less recognition. This 1980 Cherokee challenges this norm with its unique design, adorned with the eye-catching stripes from the iconic Golden Hawk package courtesy of a brand known as JeepHeritage.

The original Cherokee, also known as the SJ, has a more intricate design compared to the later XJ model. The Golden Hawk edition highlights its bold curves and edges. Its primary hue is Bordeaux Metallic, accompanied by dark gray, brown, and beige stripes on the hood, sides, and tailgate. The recognizable Golden Hawk logo can be found on the doors and back of the vehicle. It sits on bronze wheels that complement the rest of the car’s natural color scheme.

The profile of this Cherokee is notably attractive. The deep crimson exterior, tri-stripes, and bronze rims provide plenty to admire. The reflective mirror caps and rooftop carrier are also appealing additions. To complete the look, sturdy BF Goodrich off-road tires give the SUV a robust presence.

The inside of this truck showcases a sleek and timeless design, featuring an abundance of beige upholstery. JeepHeritage utilizes authentic Levi’s fabric to upholster the seats, while any vinyl sections have been upgraded to top-quality leather. Additionally, all electrical wiring, glass panels, and seals have been meticulously replaced with new ones, as one would expect from a vehicle with a starting price of $195,000.

The engine-turned metal gauge cluster adornment is a striking feature of the interior. It stands out even more due to its size, as the rest of the metal trim consists of smaller parts. Therefore, this large panel certainly commands attention.

Rather than upgrading to a contemporary powertrain, the original purchaser chose to retain the AMC 360-cubic-inch (5.9-liter) V8 engine. However, they did make some modifications, including installing a multipoint fuel injection system instead of the stock carburetor. This resulted in either a 175 horsepower or 195 hp rating for the engine, depending on the type of carb installed. Additionally, the vehicle now boasts a stainless-steel exhaust and disc brakes on all four wheels.

The engine, axles, transfer case, and gearbox have all undergone refurbishment, resulting in the SJ’s smooth driving performance. Through a comprehensive overhaul, the vehicle has been restored to its original condition and given a fresh coat of paint as well as rust-resistant treatment, providing the owner with peace of mind against corrosion caused by road salt.

This refurbished SUV has traveled approximately 2,000 miles since its restoration, and is now seeking a new owner. If you desire a freshly constructed vehicle from the manufacturer, be ready to endure a four-year waiting list. Therefore, we recommend taking advantage of this opportunity if you happen to have a tendency for impatience.

Source: Jeep Heritage

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