Drag Race: AMG GT 63 S vs EQS 53

Epic Drag Race: Internal vs Electric
840hp AMG GT v 760hp AMG EQS: DRAG RACE

A half mile drag race is ready to take off between Mercedes AMG’s premier GT 63 powered by an internal combustion engine and the company’s all-electric EQS 53. Both vehicles are at the top of the Mercedes AMG product hierarchy, one representing the very best of traditional engines, the other being the face of the electric future.

The AMG GT 6.3 employs a 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 alongside an electric motor on the rear axle to deliver conjointly 843 horsepower. As opposed to, the EQS 53 can put out just 760 hp. Those counts would make it appear as though the petrol-driven AMG GT has a head start, however not so quick. Simillar to all electrical cars, the EQS produces power instantly. There’s no need to wait for the turbochargers to kick off or be in any powerband.

Ultimately, the quick boost was not enough to account for either the shortfall in power or added mass. When racing at Carwow, the AMG GT 63 consistently emerged victorious against the EQS. Upon inspecting the EQS earlier this year, it was seen that the basic two-motor configuration hold the capacity of increasing its power from 649 up to 751 horsepower when in Race mode. Although this momentarily allows the car to reach sixty mph in an impressive 3.4 seconds, unfortunately, it is unable to eclipse the performance of the AMG GT 63.

In spite of their almost-identical size, the EQS is more than 600 lbs bulkier than the AMG GT 63. Moreover, the gas-powered AMG GT 63 has a trump card to its advantage: an electric motor powering the rear wheels. It may take a bit of time, but when the twin-turbo V8 connects with the motors, it instantly picks up speed. This automobile has a 0-60 mph time that surpasses that of the EQS by more than half a second – clocking in at 2.84 seconds.

If the habitual Mercedes AMG GT 63 isn’t extravagant enough for you, there is moreover the E Performance F1 Edition. Showcased in Alpine Grey painting and complemented with AMG designs, it comprises of aero kit fitted with a more capacious front splitter, additional air deflectors, an upright rear spoiler, and a far more aggressive diffuser. In respect to the EQS, up to now there are no exclusive performance or trim packages obtainable, yet it seems reasonable that Mercedes AMG have something cookin’ in the pipeline.

Source: Carwow via YouTube

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