Electric Lotus vs Porsche 718 Cayman – The Showdown.

Competing Cars: Lotus and Porsche Go Electric

The Lotus Type 135 – the reaction of the British carmaker to the electric Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster – is anticipated to be uncovered sooner than was initially foreseen. According to Auto Express, the new Lotus sports vehicle is intended to be made public in 2025, one year ahead of the initial schedule.

Lotus’ top officer Mike Johnstone stated that the Type 135 will be revealed in the near future, with first possession anticipated for 2027. Serving as a successor to the Elise and Exige, this soon-to-be-released battery-powered model will symbolize the company’s range of sports cars.

“For us, what’s important is it’s the bullseye of the brand,” said Johnstone. “Therefore, even though it’s electrified, it needs to have the same spirit as the Emira, as the Exige, as the Evora, and so on, going back over the last 75 years. It needs to embody the essence of what a Lotus sports car should be.”

In 2021, the British automotive manufacturer revealed their Type 135 undertaking. Although the production process was not free from complications, Lotus and Alpine both terminated their sports car alliance earlier in the same year. Furthermore, the future of the joint venture between Lotus and the UK-based battery provider, Britishvolt, is yet to be determined.

Currently, we are aware that the upcoming Lotus sports vehicle will deploy a car-only designed E-Sports foundation – unlike the framework utilized by both the Eletre and the Emeya. This architecture has the ability to use either one or two engines on the rear axle. It looks as if the wheelbase could be 97 inches long, with a 66.4 kWh battery along with a 469 horsepower electric motor. Alternatively, it looks like there is an option with a 104-inch wheelbase, featuring a 99.6 kWh battery, supplemented by two motors producing 872 horsepower in total.

The power source could assume two different positions – upright by the rear seat area, as in mid-engined sports automobiles, or underneath the car flooring similar to most EVs. Opting for the former presents a good balance of heaviness, while the latter would suit well a 2+2 sports car design.

Porsche is anticipated to introduce their electric 718 model in 2025, so it appears a thrilling contest may soon arise in the electric sports car sector. The Type 135 will continue to be sold along with the Lotus Emira right up until 2028 when all combustion-engined sports cars are no longer being produced.

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