Electrifying Hot Hatch: French Brand’s A290 Spotted Before US Launch

Introducing Alpine’s Retro EV: A Preview of Their Upcoming American Debut in 2027! or Sneak Peek at Alpine’s 2027 American Debut: Retro

The latest electric revamp of the classic Renault 5 Turbo, known as the Alpine A290, was recently spotted being put through winter trials. While some of its camouflage has been removed to reveal slick advertising, one of the test models remained covered completely. Nevertheless, our diligent spies were granted access to the interior, giving us a glimpse of the seats and majority of the dashboard. However, certain intricate elements remain concealed under sheets or stickers.

The upcoming reveal is hinted at by both the recently unveiled decals and the test engineers’ decision to permit photographers to capture images of the cabin. It seems that a big reveal is just around the corner.

The production design of the Renault version has been previously revealed through a patent document, giving us a good idea of what to expect. However, the focus now shifts to the hotter brand sibling, as Alpine models will be taking over the role of the now-defunct Renault Sport variants. Upon closer inspection, it seems that the ultra cool spotlights seen on the concept’s front bumper will be making a comeback, this time in a striking yellow color and featuring an “X” motif. This design is also mirrored in the main headlight clusters and the wheels. Moving down to the lower front intake grille area, we can see another crisscrossing design, which is likely to be included in the final production bumper. The rear of the car remains mostly under wraps, but it is expected to hold no major surprises.

Despite the idea, the design of a centralized driving position has not been implemented in this vehicle. This means that if you want to experience sitting in the middle of a passenger car, you will still have to invest in a Speedtail or one of Gordon Murray’s creations. However, this does not diminish the comfort of the driver’s seat. The combination of blue and black leather with contrasting seatbelts creates a pleasing aesthetic, and the center console boasts physical buttons while the steering wheel features traditional stalks. Furthermore, the flat-bottomed wheel is marked with a white noon indicator and may even have additional buttons, though these cannot be made out clearly in the photos.

Unfortunately, this particular vehicle is not anticipated to be available for purchase in the US upon the arrival of the French brand in 2027. This is due to the fact that compact cars do not have a high demand among American consumers. However, there is no need to worry as there are numerous other models that are currently being developed.

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