Engine Teardown Reveals Problems in BMW M3

Spot Failure Points in 2016 M3’s S55 Twin-Turbo Inline-Six Engine.
2016 BMW F80 M3 Twin Turbo S55 Bad Engine Teardown. Bogus Rebuild?

Videos showcasing engine disassembly can be likened to a suspenseful mystery, in which you gradually find out the explanation for the fault as the footage progresses. This particular video is rather unique – similar to a mystery penned by Agatha Christie – due to the numerous dead ends it presents. Explore along as components of a BMW S55 bi-turbo 3.0-liter in-line 6 motor from a 2016 M3 are removed, and perceive how many malfunctions you can pick up on during the video.

If you come across a BMW engine that is labeled with the prefix S, what this implies is that the powerhouse stems from the M series. It is impossible to tell if the M3 model from 2016 was graced with the Competition package or not, leaving us in the dark as to whether its original performance provides 425 horsepower or 444 hp.

Inspecting the outside of this M3’s engine lay out some distressful indicators. Specific areas of both the block and oil pan have been masked with silver paint, as well as adorning an identification tag from a past renovation business. The most serious sign of all being a hardened stream of coolant running down at the backside of said component. What stands out even more is the melted heat tab, which would suggest that the motor had at one time become too hot. All are terribly cautionary revelations.

As one begins to peel away chunks of the motor, it becomes apparent that there’s something peculiar. The plastic timing chain guides have a marking indicating a 2015 date, pointing to possible original components in this engine assembly. Given the condition of the unit, these parts typically would not be the ones retained when rebuilding it.

Removing the cylinder head yields another baffling discovery. The exhaust valves have evidently come into contact with all six pistons. Eric, the presenter on the channel, doesn’t take apart the head in this video, yet he hypothesizes that these hits likely caused the valves to become warped. He surmises that this destruction is a result of spinning the engine at too high a rate; this would explain the even marks observed across the pistons.

No one can precisely describe why the engine has malfunctioned, although Eric appears to possess an opinion. Because the system displays the original sprockets and bearings, he guesses that the machinery might have been reconstructed. Typically, as part of a comprehensive maintenance, these components are substituted; however, they remain in-place here. So it is conceivable that someone unscrupulously sold this motor after just giving the impression of a rebuild, though no actual labour was done. It is hoped the individual who possess this automobile did not go through a terrible ordeal in relation to the transaction.

Source: I Do Cars via YouTube

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