Enhancing the Cybertruck: Ford’s Innovative Tonneau Cover Takes the Lead

The Perfect Pickup: Unequivocally Efficient in Aerodynamics

Ford has been actively creating numerous patents related to trucks recently, making it difficult for people to stay updated. However, there is one patent that we believe will make a lasting impression on you: a tonneau cover designed similar to the one on the Tesla Cybertruck, but with significant enhancements compared to the stainless steel wedge. Our team found this patent at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, where it was recently published. However, Ford had filed for the protection of their unique design more than six months ago.

It is highly likely that Tesla enthusiasts will promptly argue that this serves as yet another instance of a conventional car manufacturer mimicking Tesla’s actions. However, it must be noted that this particular design has consistently proven to be the most optimal in terms of aerodynamics. Despite this undeniable similarity, one may wonder what sets this one apart from the rest.

The design of the Cybertruck definitely supports a steeply angled tonneau cover, but the appearance of most other cars does not. This is one of the reasons why aerodynamic canopies or bed covers have not become popular in the market.

In order to overcome the issue (and ultimately optimize aerodynamic efficiency), Ford’s approach involves retracting both the tonneau cover and its rail supports, resulting in a sleek appearance when the cover is stored. Moreover, the supports are equipped with fins to further improve aerodynamics and aesthetics while the cover is in use.

One notable feature that distinguishes this design from the Cybertruck and other tonneau covers is its additional access window, which allows for convenient storage of cargo or transportation of taller items. Of course, the tailgate still operates independently, but this design boasts yet another ingenious element, making it the most superior one to date.

Although some truck bed covers are designed to be flat, the shape of the Cybertruck’s cover is uniquely angled. However, for Ford trucks, the cover can have either a flat or angled design. In addition, Ford has implemented a feature where the cover and an aerodynamic diffuser between the truck’s roof and top of the tonneau can automatically deploy when the vehicle reaches or goes above a certain speed, such as 10 mph. This helps to improve the truck’s aerodynamics. To ensure no water or dirt can enter while the cover changes orientation, compressible seals have been installed. Once the cover is locked into place, it will remain in its new position. When the truck, specifically the F-150 Lightning, slows down below the threshold speed, the tonneau cover will return to its original flat position and maintain a secure lock between the bed and outside air.

After acquiring its own wind tunnel, Ford is poised to make significant advancements in aerodynamics. In addition, the collaboration with the Red Bull F1 team is expected to result in even greater efficiencies. We eagerly anticipate witnessing these developments come to fruition and make their way onto production vehicles.

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