Esteban Ocon’s Nurburgring Lap: Preparing for Alpine

Will Cayman GT4 RS Beat Record?

Who doesn’t desire watching a Formula One motorist put a pre-production sports vehicle to the examination around the best race course in the universe?

The sharp-eyed video experts based at CarSpyMedia YouTube channel just caught Alpine testing a possible RS edition of their A110 at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, with racemaster Esteban Ocon behind the wheel. It was first noticed outside the circuit as he readied his car; we later observe him going around the track – the YouTube page reported recording one of his laps with an impressive time of 7:18.22.

In order to gain some insight, the BMW M2 recently achieved the quickest lap time ever recorded in a compact vehicle on the circuit at 7:38.706. This has not only surpassed that record but also transpired during a normal Tourist Drive, whereby it was apparent he was pushing his limits and navigating around other cars. Should the track have been cleared exclusively for him, he would seemingly have the potential to go even more quickly.

2024 Alpine A110 RS or TROPHY-R Prototype 7:18,77 Min With F1 Driver Esteban Ocon At the Nürburgring

That clock-halting moment of 7:18.77 would make the A110 faster than the Cayman GT4 (7:28) but slightly slower than the GT4 RS (7:09.3). Nonetheless, this was realized on a private racetrack, meaning Alpine might have the capacity to surpass both.

The A110 has been distributed globally for some time now, serving as a French counterpart to the Porsche 718 Cayman. One of the most striking manifestations of unavailability for sale in the United States, it had been denied entry until 2027 when the automaker contemplates a scurry back. Coinciding with this re-entry is the transitioning of the A110 to an electric system, leaving almost no possibility of buying its current middle engine model. So, lament with me a sorrowful refrain.

It has been a few months now since this version was sighted close to the ‘Ring. Our detective photographers succeeded in obtaining some terrific pictures of it, and it appears that it is the most exhilarating A110 until now.

It showcases a bigger front lip, canards, a creased hood, along with an impressive rear spoiler, plus a markedly energetic diffuser. The back window furthermore has slits as well as a protrusion reminiscent of a shark fin.

Many of these revisions echo those on the A110R, leading to speculation that this is an RS. The cabin has yet to be revealed and nothing is known if they have altered the engine either; however, based on what we hear in the clip, the vehicle definitely emits an aggressive grumble.

In the event that it maintains the identical powertrain as the famed R, it denotes it is functioning with almost three hundred horses packed into something that is lighter than a Miata. Apparently they have managed to strip away even more weight, and we can only assume that they may have discovered a route to get an additional 50 hp from the turbocharged four-cylinder — around 350 hp would be pleasant. Whatsoever the outcome, when this machine launches, we’ll likely covet it even more!

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