Alpine A110 R Le Mans: Limited Tribute to Endurance Race

Limited Edition: 100 Examples Created

In the year 2023, Le Mans will commemorate a century of history with its 100th anniversary. Many vehicle manufacturers are recognizing this milestone, among them Alpine who have recently unveiled the exclusive A110 R Le Mans Limited Edition.

This is not just a one-time moneymaking venture. The French make has had a long association with the 24-hour contest, and back in 1978, their Renault Alpine A442B even secured the top position. The limited edition version of the A110 R model gets features such as carbon fiber wheel disks, a carbon fiber spoiler, as well as other lightweight elements.

The Le Mans model features a Road & Track chock that, according to Alpine, lowers and stiffens the car by 5%. It stands out with its white and blue “24 Heures du Mans” livery, which is further complemented by blue and white pinstripes on the hood.

The design of the car features some blue accents on the rims as well as a subtle homage to the Alpine A480 that was raced in previous competitions – a shark fin shape adorns the back windshield.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans logo can be found throughout several components, from the frontal spoilers and side sills to the Sabelt Track bucket seat headrests. An elegant element can be observed on the sun visor, with a laser-engraved blueprint of the Circuit de la Sarthe incorporated.

Alpine will be providing each and every example of the limited edition with a plaque featuring the prestigious Le Mans seal, signifying that it is not your average A110. With only one-hundred samples set to be manufactured, those eager to get their hands on this car will likely even be fighting for opportunities. It is, however, quite expensive; ringing in at a cost of €140,000 (roughly $150,000), it is very close in value to the exemplary Cayman GT4 RS.

Acquiring the A110 R Le Mans grants access to the succeeding Alpine Elf Endurance Team accommodations. This provides a unique opportunity for new owners to take their vehicle around the course prior to the official contenders battle it out on race day – not something that many people are able to enjoy in the span of their lifetime.

The vehicle was disclosed in a playful way, with German auto racing driver Sophia Floersch guiding the restricted adaptation around the Le Mans track. Accompanying her were 100 Alpine possessors, making for a really remarkable incident. As stated before, the execution stays unaltered from the ordinary A110 R, consequently the Le Mans version still propels to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds prior to arriving at its pinnacle speed of 177 mph.

Alpine recently put out multiple special edition A110s, with the San Remo 73 having a rally-style as well as the controversial F1-influenced rendition, the A110 R Fernando Alonso. Aiming to make their presence in America by 2028, the brand forecasts they will launch two top of the line electric motors.

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