Evolutionary Restomod Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Images Revealed

A One-Of-A-Kind Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evo II from AMG Founder

HWA have unwrapped the inaugural appearances of their Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo II restomod, granting us a sight at what we could envisage as soon as the opening batch are brought forth later than 2025.

If you’ve taken the time to familiarise yourself with German auto history, then you should be aware of Hans Werner Aufrecht, one of the creators of AMG; and most likely cognisant that his firm, HWA is working on a restomod inspired by the 190E 2.5-16 Evo facultatively known as the HWA EVO.

It was just recently declared and at the time, all that existed to influence our thoughts were several drawings; however, HWA has now shared with us glimpses of the HWA EVO and it looks marvelous.

The last evolution of the 190E homologation special was the 2.6-16 Evo II, which laid the groundwork for the Mercedes-AMG C 63 we are familiar with nowadays. Remarkably, even the cutting-edge plug-in hybrid style of the current C 63 shares a number of similarities with the venerable 2.5-16 of the 190E.

At a price of 714,000 euros (plus VAT), or around $786,000 at present, the HWA EVO is set to transform the classic 190E into the 21st century. Only 100 models of this special edition vehicle will be produced, a far cry from the 502 Evo IIs that were manufactured. Even though the exact technical specs are yet to be confirmed, HWA has promised to incorporate “state-of-the-art technology in terms of powertrain, performance, chassis, brakes, aerodynamics and safety.”

As regards the design, we now have an enhanced image of the outlook of the car. Previous to this, Khyzyl Saleem’s assume role in the design work of the modified restomod was acknowledged, and his concept photos had served as a guidance. However, HWA’s new renderings puts further doubt to rest — the HWA EVO is evidently set to be something extremely special and extraordinary.

Clear from its original, a likeness to family is visible. To emphasize the features of the 190E 2.5-16 Evo II, HWA installed reinforced arches, a striking front splitter, and a colossal back wing. For the newly released pay tribute, the wheel arches are significantly larger and the rear has been given an extreme wide-body transformation. These broadened arches are comfortably accommodatingWheel a fresh new take on the classic six-spoke cookies rims that were characteristic of the predecessor.

An extensive transformation occurs up front, comprising of a blackout grille, the elimination of the tri-pointed emblem on the bonnet, a new frontal bumper as well as LED headlight bundles featuring blackout trim.

A wealth of information remains to be revealed, yet if the unveiled design is any indication of what lies ahead, we are all eagerly anticipating obtaining additional insight.

It is undeniable that HWA is highly experienced in its field. After all, one of the company founders was from the AMG organisation. For many years, HWA has been responsible for preparing racing Mercedes cars such as the AMG GT3, the AMG GT4 and the Mercedes CLK GTR. Also, it constructs race engines like the V12 found in Pagani Huayra R.

If justice is to be done to a 190E restomod, then HWA are the people to do it. They possess the knowledge and expertise to bring about a remarkable transformation of this classic Mercedes. With craftsmanship that cannot be overlooked, they truly make this special vehicle something to behold. Every panel, every component has been revised – no detail has been neglected – in order to deliver a remarkable restoration with all modern features. HWA have created a stunning example of what one of these cars can look like.

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