Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo II: A 21st Century Icon

Restomodding a Legendary German Sedan

We’ve observed numerous reimagined builds based on Porsche and BMW models. It is unclear why Mercedes-Benz appears to be so much less attractive for tuning firms that specialize in restomods, however fortunately there’s now a real enhancement project for one of the company’s most memorable vehicles from the past. The Mercedes 190E Evo II is set to be re-released in a modified version by the German motorsport and engineering enterprise HWA.

For starters, a brief overview of the events leading up to this point: Mercedes, with their resolve to enter DTM racing, were compelled to create the homologation-spec 190E, it came in the form of the “Evo I” model. Fast forward to 1990 when an improved version of the sedan launched. Astonishingly, all 502 models produced prior to its public release had already been acquired; these vehicles in present day hold immense rarity value. However, by HWA (AMG subsidiary) efforts, there is now a remade range of 100 refurbished cars in more recent condition.

It is not specified if pre-existing cars will be utilized for HWA’s restomod initiative, but that appears improbable taking into account how it is almost unfeasible to locate one up for sale. The automotive manufacturer states that it will create “a captivating imagining” of the classic boasting “the most advanced innovations.” There shall be only 100 examples crafted, with construction commencing in late 2025.

The original 190E Evo II was fitted with a two-and-a-half liter motor, allowing it to produce 232bhp at 7,200rpm and 181 lb-ft of torque at 5,000rpm, becoming the most powerful interpretation of the 190 family. Regrettably, HWA is unable to provide extensive data on its modified model currently. Marked changes are being made to the powertrain, chassis, brakes, aerodynamics, and security. Initial drawings of the reborn Evo II delineate a slightly restyled sports saloon accompanied by an eye-catching spoiler at the rear.

Unlike the original version that carried a hefty price when it was first released, HWA’s modernized performance sedan will definitely be costly too. Without VAT, the base cost will be quoted at 714,000 Euros – which translates to roughly $780,500 in today’s currency exchange values. To bring about this modified iteration of the 190E Evo II, the German firm is currently collaborating with U.S. based restomod company Curated to aid in engineering and the fabrication process.

Source: HWA

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