Examine Cybertruck Roof Bars

Tesla Pickup: 4 Crossbar Locations

With close to a month until Tesla’s Cybertruck presentation occurs at the conclusion of November, there are still some unknowns regarding the US carmaker’s initial pickup truck, however more and more facts are coming out due to keen-eyed fans.

This time around, a set of pictures on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, put up by KuMX, allow us considerably more insight into the roof-mounted bars of this pickup truck. We had seen a prototype pack before that possessed two bars placed on the rooftop, however now those bars are located right over the cargo bed display, making it evident that the Cybertruck has four distinct mount sites for these extras.

Additionally, the capability of four crossbars being mounted simultaneously make it possible to tote lengthy and weighty items, owing to the squared off design of the roof of the pickup. This could be very exciting for those that take part in overlanding expeditions; as this opens up new opportunities for placing a larger sized camping tent securely on top of their car.

The Rivian R1T provides the ability to sport four roof bars simultaneously; nonetheless, since the structure of the truck has a more traditional format, with the bed situated lower than the rooftops, these bars must be split up into two correspondences – one on the rooftop and the other on the cargo-bed.

It appears that concerning the Cybertruck, black bars appear to be extensible, presumably so as to conform to the variable width of the roof. Similarly, Rivian has a duo of cargo crossbars able of sustaining a burden of up to 250 pounds while on the road which can be purchased from the EVs producer’s official equipment store for $650.

It remains unknown exactly how much weight the Tesla Cybertruck’s roof bars will support, or the cost, however, it’s pleasant to find out that you should be able to purchase two identical sets which are interchangeable.

One more detail unknown concerning the Cybertruck’s crossbeams is the question of where they can be kept when not being used. On the Rivian R1T, the parts are neatly accommodated in the “gear tunnel” located between the bed and cabin, yet alas the Tesla truck has no such compartment.

We should gain additional knowledge regarding all concerns related to Cybertruck once the start of their sales commences on the thirtieth of November, as the Austin-based electric vehicle firm stated in its third quarter financial briefing. However, this does not apply if the deliveries are delayed again, as it has occurred before.

Source: Cybertruck Owners Club

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