Exclusive Electric 200GT on Display at Toyota’s Technical Museum

Discover EV technology at Toyota Tecno Museum in Nagoya, Japan with a modified 2000GT display.

One of the top names in the automotive industry, Toyota boasts a rich history spanning several decades, which renowned car photographer Larry Chen had the opportunity to explore at the Toyota Tecno Museum, also known as the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. Situated in Nagoya, Japan, this establishment displays various technological advancements and vintage vehicles, such as an electric 2000GT.

The museum boasts a vast collection ranging from futuristic ideas to replicated body assembly stations and automatons, however its distinctive models showcased within its premises are undeniably the most captivating features.

Nerding Out at The Toyota Technical Museum in Nagoya

A captivating display at the Toyota Tecno Museum is the Toyota ESV, a prototype that stands out among other models. With only 10 units ever produced, the ESV was created in the 1970s as a means of evaluating safety regulations, specifically focusing on the crumple zone. This is just one example of Toyota’s pioneering efforts in prioritizing safety, a reputation that still holds true today with their unmatched dependability in the automotive industry.

The Toyota Soarer is the second-most preferred vehicle of Chen among all the cars exhibited in the museum. It is a grand touring coupe marketed as the Lexus SC in the US, but its later versions feature a 2JZ engine. The particular car that caught Chen’s attention is an older model equipped with a 170-horsepower 5M-GEU straight-six engine shared with the A60-generation Toyota Celica Supra. It was quite unexpected to find that there was no Supra on display at the museum.

The museum received a collection of well-known Toyota models such as the Corolla, but the curator also caught sight of a remarkable Toyota 2000GT. However, this was no ordinary 2000GT, as the manufacturer had chosen to install an EV powertrain in the beloved sports car. The 2000GT is highly coveted among Toyota enthusiasts and is known to fetch high prices, so converting it into an electric vehicle may not be well-received by die-hard fans.

In addition to vehicles branded under the Toyota name, the museum also showcases a stunning Lexus LFA in a striking pearl yellow color. Similar to the classic 2000GT, the LFA was a result of collaboration with Yamaha, possibly accounting for its enduring popularity due to the impressive roar of its 4.8-liter 1LR-GUE V10 engine.

Unfortunately, we were not able to go on a complete tour with Chen. However, the glimpse that he did give us still managed to exceed what most of us will have the opportunity to witness. Last year, he had the chance to explore the Toyota Automobile Museum and generously allowed us a sneak peek into one of Toyota’s premier assemblages of vintage and modern vehicles.

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