Experience Cleetus’ 680-HP Corvette Drift at Record Speed

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The ultimate clash of stock cars versus modified vehicles, eBay Motors’ Between 2 Rides, has returned for its second instalment, and you can witness the inaugural episode right here, a full 24 hours prior to the time it will be available elsewhere. Pitting YouTuber and professional driver Cleetus McFarland in his C5 Corvette – alias Donnie the Drift Car – host Emelia Hartford is set as he attempts to take on the world’s swiftest drive-through course at Willow Springs Racetrack.

Not only do we get the chance to observe Cleetus drifting a bone-stock C5 and see how it stacks up against his overwhelmingly tweaked version, but the stakes are heightened with an outrageous challenge wherein Nick Wehry, a victor in competitive eating, is seated along with him, attempting to gulp down as much fast food as he can, all while Cleetus drives to his max.

We won’t ruin it for you so as not to compromise your enjoyment, but if you’d like, you can watch the entire initial episode here.

Cleetus McFarland Drifts the Fastest Drive-Thru Ever in His C5 | Between 2 Rides | eBay Motors

Episode 1 of Season 2 inordinately displays what followers can apprehend from the succeeding series: ambitious bet and even wilder escapades than before. All associated with a pledge to manifest the best builds and potential for hobbyist constructors with help from eBay Motors, a leading outlet.

Five episodes of this zany situation will be a part of Season 2, featuring renowned vehicular aficionados such as TJ Hunt, Hailie Deegan, CBoysTV, That Dude In Blue, and Gears & Gasoline. The exasperating challenges they face are beyond extraordinary, including skydivers, onrushing drones, colossus trucks, and beyond.

Presently, Emelia Hartford has made the shift from a participant to a presenter for Season 2. With firsthand experience of arresting projects, Hartford’s past endeavors include manufacturing a record-breaking twin-turbo C8 Corvette with which she once competed against an aircraft; something she claimed was her own suggestion.

When quizzed about whether she had prior knowledge of the stunt, Hartford said, “That was my idea! We were throwing around different options for what we could race, and I’m a huge aviation enthusiast, so I suggested, ‘Let’s race a helicopter!’ and they were like, ‘Sure, let’s make it happen.'”

It is quite evident that the production team employed by eBay Motors will go to great lengths in demonstrating just what these custom rides can accomplish by impressive and adrenaline-inducing methods.

When she was brought in as host, one of the stipulations from Hartford was that they had to do things “bigger and badder than anything [they] had done before”. “I was so flattered when they asked me to come back as a host,” Hartford said, “and I told them I’m down to do this, but we have to do this bigger and badder than anything you guys have done before.”

“Yes,” was the reply from the producers to Hartford’s inquiry, and Season 2 of the show is living up to that response. So far, it looks like it’s going to be a great season.

In Episode 1, Hartford reveals just how chaotic the filming process was. On a chilly day with freezing milkshakes, simply picking one up hurt. “I don’t passenger very well, so it was nauseating for me,” she states after riding in the stock C5 Corvette. “By the time we went out and did it, you’d reach out to grab it, and it felt like a brick hitting your hand.” One can only imagine the pain Nick Wehry must have experienced when, as Emelia puts it, “he takes a milkshake to the face. Straight to the dome.”

Through the madness of the world’s quickest drive-through, Emelia suggests there is could be even more in store. Caught up on which car or episode would best excite us, she prompted for news about the CBoys edition that actually had her questioning her experience with drifting and drag events to turn her attention to constructing a beast of a truck, effectively something surprising like a Toyota Prius or maybe even an all new Corvette C8!

The insanity of the first chapter has us eager to view what’s next, not only from Season 2 but from the expected third as well. Emelia even suggested she desires to craft something exceptional just for the series. Perhaps a Monster Corvette might be a possibility – if Lamborghini constructed the Huracan Sterrato, why can’t we create a mud-eating Corvette?

Fresh programs will premiere on the eBay Motors YouTube station at 9AM West Coast (Pacific) Time each subsequent Wednesday.

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