Cleetus’s Mullet Amazes with Fresh Tricks

Mullet Sets the Strip Ablaze with 5k HP and Carbon Fiber

“Cleetus McFarland is an incredible YouTuber with some amazing drag racing cars in his possession. His Fox Body Ford Mustang, dubbed ‘McFlurry’, is one of his wildest creations. But it’s his 5,000-hp Chevrolet El Camino, ‘Mullet’, that has caused the most stir. McFarland and his team have put a lot of effort and time into the car, especially after it suffered an engine blowout in early 2023. But after some carbon fiber modifications, the vehicle is back on the track and McFarland is keen to see what it can do.”

CARBON FIBER Mullet FINALLY Hits the Track!!! McFlurry's New Head Gaskets Hold Down 30+psi of BOOST!

The modifications of the El Camino using carbon fiber give it a stylish and glistening appeareance, which is emphasised when the Mullet weighed in at approximately 3200 lbs. Although the team can’t believe it only shaved off 90lbs, they introduced carbon fiber only to the front end. They now hope that the car will confirm its potential on the drag track. This is the initital test journey of the car, thus McFarland will not open it up completely straight away.

The initial run isn’t successful, as the engine shuts off, but there is a remarkable start. During the subsequent trip, the same thing occurs, and this is beneficial to some degree due to McFarland accumulating relevant details about the lorry. He and his squad keep revising the facts to polish the takeoff. Eventually in the evening, Mullet makes an effort for a proper pass and even though McFarland backed away from the accelerator early, the truck managed to bring down the 1/4 mile time to 7.736 seconds.

McFarland had an overwhelming feeling of joy when he experienced his truck on the drag strip. The team cranked up the power and McFarland proclaimed that it was tangible in his El Camino. Unquestionably, the 5,000 horses aided to rapidly propel the vehicle from one end of the track to the other. When they increased the boost a bit more, the El Camino went for another sprint down the ¼ strip and displayed even better results. His squad was elated when the cybertruck managed a 7.492 second pass time.

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