Exploring Luxury with Maserati Subscription

Launching In 2023: Three Tiers Available.

Maserati is rolling out a new subscription program, dubbed ‘Tridente’, that will be the carmaker’s inaugural loyalty initiative. Aimed to create a closer bond between Maserati and their customers, particularly in light of luxury automakers placing a greater value on experiences, the app which accompanies the program allows users to gain access to the brand, no matter if they are owners or enthusiasts.

Maserati recently unveiled its new Tridente subscription with three different levels, set to launch in the US during the next twelve months. Motor1.com contacted Maserati to enquire about the cost of this program in North America, yet the details have not yet been affirmed. The carmaker has announced they will make those information public at a later stage.

Enthusiasts of brands and fans have the opportunity to have access to the Blue level. The automaker grants Platinum status to owners of GranTurismo, MC20, and Cielo MC20. Maserati exclusively reserves the Diamond tier for Project24 proprietors and agglomerators of GT2. This application is built on five key components: revealing narrative, special experiences, cultural phenomena, selective drives, and international gatherings.

Membership benefits come in tiers. Blue members have exclusive access to editorial content and previews of special products. Platinum members enjoy even more from their subscription. They will be able to experience a tour of the Modena factory, receive invitations to local events as well as early access to exclusive car collections, and be provided with meticulously pre-set routes.

Maserati is offering a “highly curated selection of luxury experiences” to Diamond members, including the chance to customize their sports car with Maserati’s head of design, Klaus Busse, in a private Fuoriserie consultation. Additionally, top-tier subscribers will have the opportunity to ride in classic Maserati cars and get exclusive invitations to motoring events like Formula E and Monterey Car Week.

The recently unveiled Tridente project and app embody Lamborghini’s latest enterprise to augment their connection to followers and buyers. Lamborghini also introduces a corresponding tool known as Unica, connecting proprietors with events, news and track occurrences relating to their lifestyle, paralleling the steps that other carmakers are taking in the industry by launching different mobile applications and subscription offerings.

Not every subscription plan is the same. Maserati offers something additional for its proprietors and fanatics; nevertheless, some auto makers partition off certain vehicle features through paywalls, which can be a difficult aspect to successfully promote to doubtful consumers. Toward the closing of last year, Mercedes-Benz presented an annual fee of $1,200 which was designed to boost output by 20 to 24 percent on specific EQ models.

The app is currently accessible for download from the Apple App and Google Play stores in Italy, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, UAE, America, Japan, and South Korea. The car maker intends to initiate the subscription service first in Italy and Chinese mainland before enlarging it to North America in the latter portion of 2023. It will continue expanding to the remainder of Europe and Asia in the following year.

Source: Maserati

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