Maserati Pauses Production of Electric Quattroporte Model

Maserati’s newest electric car, delayed for the third time.

Stellantis’ prestigious label, Maserati, is facing challenges on its path towards an all-electric range as it declares a pause in the progress of its Quattroporte Folgore, a battery-operated luxury sedan. The stated reasoning for this choice suggests that the brand has reservations about the new vehicle’s capabilities, but there could be more concerning issues lurking in the background.

According to reports from the Italian media, it is believed that Stellantis is currently developing a plan for their main electric car. In an effort to save money, the company has allegedly asked its suppliers to lower the prices of parts by 6%, following a previous request for a reduction in 2023.

Maserati’s plans for an electric vehicle have hit another roadblock, with the company announcing its third delay in releasing their lineup. This setback comes after postponing the launch dates for the battery-powered GranTurismo coupe and Grecale midsize SUV. The latter was initially anticipated to debut in 2023, but has now been pushed back to later this year. In addition to these delays, Maserati is also working on producing a zero-emissions version of the GranCabrio, which is set to hit the market in 2024. Fortunately, the highly anticipated release of the GranTurismo Folgore has begun, and deliveries have started.

One of the components of the Dare Forward 2030 strategy to achieve complete electrification is the Levante. In the coming years, the luxury SUV will also be offered in a fully electric variant, completing the brand’s initial lineup of electric vehicles. Preliminary information indicates that the Levante Folgore will likely be equipped with a slightly less potent version of the GranTurismo Folgore’s three-motor configuration.

Stellantis’ production troubles go beyond the setback in their development timeline. According to reports, the company plans to enforce a temporary layoff of 1,000 workers involved in Maserati production at their Mirafiori factory in Turin, Italy. The suspension will be effective from February 12 to March 3, affecting the production of Quattroporte and other models such as the Levante large SUV and GranTurismo large coupe.

Source: Automotive News

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