: Exploring the Mysterious WRX STI Impreza

The Lesser-Known Special: Equally Valued

Many vehicles remain undeniably undervalued, with a select lovers recognizing their immense value due to their remarkable features. One such exemplary marque is the Subaru Impreza WRX STI S201; even more scarce than the famed 22B model.

but with its production limited to just 600 units for all of Japan.Famed automotive photographer Larry Chen recently stumbled upon one of a kind in the world, and while its proprietor could have incorrectly judged the amount of cars manufactured, they are certainly cognizant that they own something distinguished. The S201 was the initial distinctive model that ended up in America’s WRX STI S209. Essentially, that was the cram-packed power of Subaru Tecnica International into one vehicle but with its output constricted to just 600 copies in the whole of Japan.

With a base of the GC8 Impreza, Subaru dialled things to the max to produce a ride that was hard to ignore. Its body was tweaked with a special front lip, turn-indicators in place of regular fog lights, outrageous side sills, and an incredibly bold spoiler in the rear – more daring than what STIs typically had attached.

1 of 87 In The World: The WRX STI S201 Is The Fastest GC8 Ever Produced

Extra visible and streamline augmentations included a sizable air intake on the hood along with bullet-molded mirrors.

The 2.0-liter boxer motor was also boosted, producing 300hp and 260 lb-ft of torque, exceeding the Japanese Gent’s Contract by virtue of it being a limited-edition production.

Augmented by an exclusive ECU remapping, modified suspension with adjustable elevation, a full cushion lateral link and trailing link at the rear, and lightweight RAYS RE TE07 16-inch alloys, the AWD mechanism was also improved by a front helical limited-slip diff. Altogether, its appearance was remarkable and its performance more so.

Owned by a passionate Subaru buff from Canada named Louis (it is too young to be officially imported to America as yet), the vehicle’s bringing in was expedited courtesy of the fifteen-year rule in Canada relative to the 25-year regulation in the United States. Such a tricky importation procedure took place before the predicaments brought about by an ever changing market and a worldwide health crisis.

Gaining charge of the S201, the current proprietor became aware that it had seen some alterations in Japan. Notable were Recaro racing buckets and Ohlins coil-overs, coupled with a selection of other minor embellishments, which served to demonstrate the prior proprietor’s indelible mark. Nonetheless, the current owner aspired to bring back the automobile to its initial form, necessitating thorough sourcing of original components.

Within the confines of this S201, its original front seats have been preserved and feature blue Alcantara fabric, which is reminiscent of the Subaru World Rally Team’s successes. In stark comparison, the standard rear seats provide a different experience; they are upholstered with black fabric. The inclusion of a titanium shift knob including blue accents and the factory-extremely steering wheel elicits memories for Subaru devotees.

In keeping with the views of its proprietor, multiple examples of this car can be found scattered throughout the United States. Of course, a majority of these are only utilized for track-related activities because of the various legal predicaments they encounter along the way. Thus, if you ever find yourself in such close proximity to one, consider yourself fortunate indeed as only three hundred were produced making it even rarer than the 22B STI (which had four hundred of its kind).

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