Exploring Varieties of Porsche 911 Models

Porsche Comparison: GT3 RS vs. Carrera T, Turbo S and Dakar
GT3 RS v Turbo S v Dakar v Carrera T

Porsche has a wealth of options with regards to its iconic 911 sports car range. From everyday drivers to heart-pounding racers, much of what they offer is sure to please. So, the question becomes: What is the best]);]911 to operate? A fresh video sets out to compare the Turbo S, Dakar, Carrera T, and GT3 RS, attempting to discern the ideal.

Although these four vehicles all share the same basic design of a 911, there is a great diversity between them. It might appear to be too much flexibility and customization options from Porsche for its iconic sportscar, yet comparing them back-to-back reveals just what exactly distinguishes them from another.

The Turbo S exudes both power and comfort in its stunningly exquisite form. Navigating through the chaotic city streets and drenched highways for the opening portion of the 500-mile journey evidenced no challenge for it. Although driving the Dakar on the tarmac may not do justice to its designers’ craft, a slight element of off-roading showcased its conspicuous durability while perched up high.

The Carrera T may not have had the most powerful engine alongside a showy look, yet its verve was what made it such a great ride. Although its performance was limited to just 385 horsepower, shifting via the seven manner manual gearbox meant enjoyable traveling experiences. When put side by side with other 911 variants, it becomes apparent that the value offered by the Carrera T is incomparable.

There is no shock that the Porsche 911 GT3 RS has garnered the highest accolades among its peers. The magnificent naturally-aspirated 4.0-liter horizontally-opposed six-cylinder engine and the almost $34,000 Weissach Package present a mesmerising drive. It is well worth the cost, formalised by the optimised paddle shifters. This GT3 RS carries an aura of Le Mans rather than a supermarket carpark.

The RS is not the most high-priced 911 in the United States. That distinction goes to the 911 S/T, with its hefty initial cost of $291,000. However, the GT3 has a (comparatively) more modest starting price tag of $241,300, although once customisations have been applied, the total sum could easily skyrocket.

The Carrera T offers great value for your money. Though it’s not as powerful as the Turbo S, driving it is still satisfying and a lot of fun. It has an impressive 4.3 seconds acceleration to 60 mph for normal use. So, what do you choose in the end?

Source: Carwow / YouTube


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