Porsche 911 GT3 Roars Around ‘Ring

Porsche Racers on the Track

A thorough revamp of the entire Porsche 911 portfolio is on the horizon, with the particularly sporty GT3 due an overhaul. This spy footage shows the much-anticipated vehicle being tested at the Nürburgring and on nearby streets.

In this video, a few vehicles can be seen with their respective license plates. While some of them have the same characteristics as the current car, consisting of its lower intakes, other cars have this section hidden under a cover (illustrated below). Additionally, the dual pipes are still at the automobile’s front.

Previous prototypes have equipped headlights with camouflage, and it appears that they feature integrated turn-signaling capabilities. One cannot get a good glimpse of the vehicles in this footage due to their swiftness.

No evident alterations are present in the vehicles’ flanks. A few of these cars flaunt yellow calipers, hinting at the use of carbon-ceramic discs. Other autos, however, have black stoppers, suggesting they possess aluminum rotors.

At the rear, the engineering squad persists covering the bumper with a safeguard to obscure the ultimate blueprint. A pair of pipes keep going to issue from the centre. A swan-neck-attached fin joins onto the back deck.

Other experimental autos have experienced changed air intakes on the motor hood. We can’t really obtain a superior enough view to witness those changes on this movie.

The audio emanating from the 911 GT3 in this video is truly remarkable. What changes have been made to its powertrain remain a puzzle. The existing model churns out 502 horsepower, whereas the RS displays an even greater forcefulness of 518 hp.

Within, we have understanding that the remodeled 911 Carrera is bestowed with a 100% electronic instrument board. As of now, we are yet to get a comprehensive view inside the GT3; however, it is likely that the sporting variant may also obtain the said upgrade.

Apart from the regular GT3, a Touring variant is launching as well. It will feature the same lack of a rear spoiler like its predecessor.

No specifics are available yet concerning when the renewed 911 is set to be unveiled. We anticipate the display to occur prior to the conclusion of the year. Porsche typically staggers releasing their altered models; meaning that, if this follows suit, we’d initially witness the appearance of the 911 Carrera with the GT3 to follow thereafter.

For those seeking the fiercest 911 model, it appears a new GT2 RS is close to hitting the market. Sporting an enormous spoiler and boasting over 700 horsepower, this vehicle stands out from the rest.

Source: Automotive Mike via YouTube

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